One of the best things to keep on hand…

…is a few box cake mixes. Its so easy and something fun for the kids to do when I don’t want to have to break out every ingredient to make it from scratch.

Ideally the kids will be able to do everything from the mixing to the pouring, from the baking to the decorating but we’re still a little ways from that.

I did have to make the frosting from scratch, which only took a few minutes but that might be another thing to keep in the cupboard. ha!

Anyway, you can rest assured I did NOT sample from Simon’s finished cupcakes. The slobbery fingers were poking those chocolate chips in DEEP.

PS…Annemarie needs to tell me where she got these plates the kids decorated because Simon needs his own. please!

Dsc 0023Web-1

Dsc 0028Web

Dsc 0030Web-3

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Rode to the neighborhood park…

…to test out the new bike and Simon cruised all the way there. He likes it so much we have to wheel it right into the house for continued fun.

Dsc 0046Web-2

Dsc 0016Web-2

The bike is also apparently useful for reaching things. Simon tossed it under the drinking fountain to use as a step stool.

Dsc 0034Web-2

Someone is feeling VERY big right now

With his new bike….

Dsc 0001Web-6

Here’s the brand: Strider. These balance bikes are good from 18 months to 5yrs. The awesome mom who sells these has sales playdates in the park.

Hopefully we’ll avoid the fear of two-wheelers this time around. My poor Xander fell down one time and that was that.

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Dsc 0004Web-10

This was right after we bought it. If you wanna see it in action with his sweet helmet on check the next post after we cruised it to the neighborhood park.

You knew it was coming…

Photo session with my new neph Oakley.

Raise your hand if you are the cutest baby ever!

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Dsc 0044-1

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Dsc 0036Bw

Dsc 0096Web

Eliciting stillness in a toddler…futile.

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Dsc 0087

My brand new nephew Oakley

Look at this baby perfection!!! I can’t wait to see him in person.

It’s funny how similar our family’s babies look.

Oakley 100


I remember this pic and how ghostly the red baby made his older brothers look. haha!

Dsc 0017 10Daysm-Tm

Natural learning…the fun way.

We finally replaced our broken waffle iron and the new one is so much nicer than the old one. It actually lets us know when the waffle is done and eliminates all the minute watching and mixed results we had before.

The “Basic Waffle” recipe that comes in the user’s manual is simple and tastes good.

It’s a Cuisinart…and an old model on sale, but still works well enough for us…ANYWAY,

We fired it up for the second time this morning and I asked Isaac to read the recipe to me while I assembled, to save time. Wanting to double the recipe, I started making the adjustments out loud after he announced the ingredients. After the first few ingredients he figured out what I was doing and started doubling the amounts for me.

Reading a recipe, doubling the amounts, and then cooking up half the batter for us. Reading, math, home ec and then PE at the fountain;) Ha!

All that to say it does strike me at times how naturally and easily life skills come.

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it was supposed to be fun damnit!

Drove out to the city to play in the fountains and found out my little Xander is sick:(


Can you spot them all?



Snapped a pic of Lisa and her Akasha, and meant to get one of Jessica but I thought we had lots of time! Xander went from happy to miserable in an instant and we had to pack up and head home.

My new nephew is about to arrive and I’m thinking I won’t be able to see him if I have the sickies at my house. waaaaah!


Look at this!

Gorgeous flowers in my farm share this week! I love it!

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The two year old mind at work

Four board games and a puzzle all taken from the game closet and place in a circle around himself, Simon removes the lids and contemplates his next move….

….meanwhile Mom cringes and wonders if she should protest, slam the lids back on and find a new (higher!) place to store them.

Then she remembers that the games are covered in dust and unused.

He actually wants to play with them.

Why do I care if he is not following the game rules or playing with so many at once?


He had an idea!

He is happy. He is playing.

First two puzzle pieces are talking to each other and now the chess pieces are stuck on the tips of his fingers.


The games are being used and bringing joy! yay!

Finally raided the school supply sale

…apparently too late.

The .20 box of crayons are surprisingly decent for off-brand so we grabbed a couple boxes of those but not a single box of markers to be had. A bottle of glue and a few notebooks of paper and that was that.

I’m trying to figure out all the settings on this new camera…