tiny tiny garden bounty and other this and that.

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and the computer room action. We started horde toons and a new horde guild on World of Warcraft with our friends. Its been fun playing with them in the evenings.

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My friend Nicole found the cutest knitting pattern online and I just bought it. I must make this! but I feel like I should finish up a few neglected projects first so look forward to some knit show-and-tell soon (I hope!)

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Much needed impromptu camping trip

After several weeks of rainy days like this…

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We broke free for an impromptu night and day of this…

Gales Creek with Sheri and RJ:)

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blankets, pillows and chairs oh my!

They can really tear the shit up FAST!

Amazingly though, it all cleans up in about 10 minutes because….it’s just blankets, pillows and chairs. hahaha!

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Just a quiet Sunday

A five boy pile up and now the herd has run off to play “extreme hide and seek.”

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Then it was MAJOR fort building…and it really was a fort, complete with jabbing sticks and a stockpile of rolled up socks for weapons. I was innocently walking by when I got pelted by many socks.

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Adults vs kids…kids win.

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Simon at play

I hear plenty of sound effects coming from behind my chair and turn around to see Simon like this…

Funny guy!

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All my boys are turning into quite the comedians lately. Xander announced he was:

1. going upstairs

2. turning on the media center

3. watching the complete Fairly Odd Parents Season 2

4. and 2 hours later he will be getting up from the couch with a crampy butt.

He laughed hysterically and is now executing that very plan. haha!

Garden progress

This is our first year attempting a garden and so far I am very pleased with the progress! We kept it VERY small and it hasn’t been the least bit overwhelming…just how I wanted it.

The peas are getting big enough they need a trellis. So Jason built it today.



Then we worked together to introduce the peas to their new climbing place…




The strawberries are doing great! Check out my little berries…



Jason is going to build a mesh cover to keep the birds out.

My baby plum tree is starting to bear a few but it looks to be another sparse year. It’s still a tiny tree so I’m not expecting much.


The cherry tree, however, has a TON of cherries but some kind of fly seems to have used the tree as a nursery and have taken over.


Carrots in a bucket…


Xander and Simon planted a couple extra marigolds we had…


My Better Homes and Gardens life…haha!!!!!


First garden harvest

I snipped off a bunch of spinach and red leaf lettuce for my smoothie today and it was our first time collecting anything from the garden.

Maybe I should have read up on that before-hand because I wasn’t sure how much was safe to cut. I assume some leaves need to be left to keep the plant healthy and growing. So I cut off a few leaves here and there, just enough for my smoothie.

I’m looking forward to a yummy salad next!

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A few more Life is Good photos

Our room door decoration…

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The DS funshop. Of course the kids had to attend that one! I can’t believe how into it Simon is already…and getting good! Three years old? Blows my mind.

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Life is Good ’10

Life is Good unschooling conference is over and I am too pooped to think! Jason typed this up for me:

As we settle back into home, unpack our clothes and generally unwind, another LIG conference comes to a close. It was a glorious four days of staying up late and sleeping in, hanging with friends, meeting new people, funshops, presentations and all-around good stuff.

There were more people this year and more rain too. We spent more time inside than out and that meant next to no time in the pool, nearly the opposite of last year. Regardless, we had a blast and look forward to next year’s conference.

Until then, back to our learning life and some new adventures!





Amy Steinberg concert… (click link for video)


Isaac and Xander DS’ing during the concert.




Kimya Dawson performance…absolutely LOVED her. Jason bought me her children’s CD and had it signed to me. haha! (click link to listen to her chillin’ sounds)


Xander showing off his tambourine and Isaac is in that group of gamers behind him…




Making our family flag…


We learned Geocaching



Tie dye is done!

And now I can sport some hippie threads along with the rest of the family. hehe!

Xander dyed this one for me….

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Isaac did this one…

Dsc 0003Web-15

And I did the next two…

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Dsc 0004Web-18

Friend Lisa brought these onsies to dye up and that little bitty newborn one is so cute!!!

Dsc 0009Web-11

Lastly, behold my new stash of 24 newborn diapers!!!! The motherload of awesome color. Each one came out so unique and beautiful.

Dsc 0012Web-5

My forearms and hands are in pain now from ringing the dye out of everything but it was worth it. yay!!!!