Simon and the three bears

I started out knitting one bear and the kids were having fun with it and each wanted their own. So now I’ve gone bear crazy!

Soon we’ll have a large bear family and I’m thinking it might be cool to knit up some clothes for them. Yep….bear crazy. Help me!

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Completed projects!

Finally finished a second “Alien Illusion Scarf” I started six years ago but never finished…

Can you see the aliens?

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…so I can start on baby stuff! I made this romper…

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…and made my own buttons for it. I think they turned out great!

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Xander was very excited to try making some buttons of his own…

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…and they definitely needed some BLING in addition to every color Primo we have:D

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17 week belly…

…got a bump.

Photo151 16Weekbelly

guitar lessons

Some friends and I have been taking guitar lessons in my living room once a week for the last four weeks and it has been so much fun!

We started out paying for the four weeks and tonight scheduled another four to start in August.

The kids have expressed an interest in taking lessons of their own so we’re hoping to set up a few for them as well. I love that it’s right here at home and I’m sure the kids will love that too.

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more Saturday

We finally have our full driveway back! yay!

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Found this dead rat in the backyard, I assume the end result of some late night fun for the cat. After showing it to the kids, letting them poke it with a stick and hearing mumblings of them wanting to dissect it….Jason found this scene. One of our steak knives had been brought out and left by the rat.

I asked who took the knife outside?? “I did!” says Simon. Greeeeeaaaat!!!

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This morning I sat down on the couch and immediately had three boys snuggled in. How sweet is that??!! It struck me what an attached family we are and I had to call Jason to come take a picture. We are so so blessed.

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This afternoon Xander and Simon decided to break out the perler beads and Xander made this most awesome X.

Dsc 0017Web-7

Simon came to tell me his “eyes” were done and he was ready for it to be ironed. Xander discretely informs me I will not be able to iron it because the beads are too far apart.

This is was his finished project…and look at how proud he is! hehehehe! Jason was able to help him add a few more so it could be ironed. Simon is thrilled with his 5 bead creation.

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tiny tiny garden bounty and other this and that.

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and the computer room action. We started horde toons and a new horde guild on World of Warcraft with our friends. Its been fun playing with them in the evenings.

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My friend Nicole found the cutest knitting pattern online and I just bought it. I must make this! but I feel like I should finish up a few neglected projects first so look forward to some knit show-and-tell soon (I hope!)

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Much needed impromptu camping trip

After several weeks of rainy days like this…

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We broke free for an impromptu night and day of this…

Gales Creek with Sheri and RJ:)

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blankets, pillows and chairs oh my!

They can really tear the shit up FAST!

Amazingly though, it all cleans up in about 10 minutes because….it’s just blankets, pillows and chairs. hahaha!

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Just a quiet Sunday

A five boy pile up and now the herd has run off to play “extreme hide and seek.”

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Then it was MAJOR fort building…and it really was a fort, complete with jabbing sticks and a stockpile of rolled up socks for weapons. I was innocently walking by when I got pelted by many socks.

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Adults vs kids…kids win.

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