Cooking class

An amazing day! We got all three boys into the cooking class together!

This never happens…getting them all into a class together I mean. Classes always seem to be broken into age groups that just miss including one brother, but not today! We lucked out…with such small class sizes the teacher combined the two age groups and let Simon join.

I took the pocket camera the kids usually use and snapped a picture of the class eating the meal they created…

Img 5684Web

I’m not sure why the photos are so long and lean. I haven’t touched this camera in a long time and I’m not even sure how to change the settings.

Check out the other photos I found, that the kids took.

Lotus sleeping in our big family bed…haha!

Img 5496Web

Isaac and his DS

Img 5495Web

One of Xander’s creations (I believe this box is what later evolved into “my first studio apartment.”

Img 5668Web

Random kid perspective pics of Lotus

Img 5586Web

On Isaac…

Img 5534Web

On me…

Img 5592Web

An older one, modeling one of the cable hats I made…

Img 5314Web

This one must have been taken by Simon. Completely out of focus but I love how it shows Xander at the table where he spends much of the day working on his crafts, And Jason popping up from his spot where he uses his computer.

Img 5606Web

Finished projects

I finished a little sweater for Lotus out of the leftover yarn meant for Isaac’s sweater (that turned out small enough for Xander and Simon).

This is supposed to be a 12-18 month size. I think it will still fit next year but I’m not sure. The pattern does seem to run a little small after knitting three of them. They are so cute and cozy though.

Dsc 0020 2Months Web

Xander made a house out of cardboard and some paper people to go with it.

I’m calling it “My first studio apartment.” It just needs a kitchenette that can be hidden by a curtain, a futon and a few pieces of hand-me-down accessory furniture. 😀

Dsc 0006Web-16

Dsc 0007Web-24

Two month old babies are awfully cute…

…and so are nine year olds.

Isaac sharing his passion for gaming with Lotus….

Dsc 0001Web-23

Lotus gives it a try. Jeez, these kids are learning how to work a computer earlier and earlier! 😉

Dsc 0002Iloweb

I guess she fits in the Ergo baby carrier now but I’m not sure it’s okay for her legs to be out yet. They seem pushed out too much for a little baby.

But, I’m also having trouble fitting her legs inside the Mei Tai carriers. Maybe a side carry is the best for now. I’ll have to play around with the carriers and see how a side carry can work.

Picture complete with baby spit shirt.


Baby Icen, 11 days old

Dsc 0060Web-4

Dsc 0019Web-13

Dsc 0016Bw Web

Dsc 0030Bw Web

Dsc 0026Bw Web

Dsc 0102Web-1

His little belly button from the side is my fav. Reminds me of a Cabbage Patch doll belly.

Dsc 0112Bw Web

Dsc 0129Uncropped Bw

Valentine fun

Jason and I surprised the kids with some Valentine fun when they woke up.

Just some streamers on the door and handmade valentines but you would think it was Christmas by the sounds of their excitement when they woke up and saw it. haha!

Dsc 0002Web-20

Part of the fun of making these Valentines was having them in the living room “not looking” while we made them. It amps the excitement and shows them the work we put into it because we love them. Just like knitting for them…they get to watch a sweater grow from the yarn they picked out, see all the work I put into it and enjoy the finished product that much more. 🙂

Dsc 0004Web-33

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!

cutie babies and booties

They might be related, eh?

The bear booties I knit for Lotus forever ago, back when we had no idea what this little person would be like, finally fit. They are so cute:)

Dsc 0019Web-12

Dsc 0020Bootiesweb

Just ‘cuz

Dsc 0012Web-12

Dsc 0017Web-16

Clicky click for extra cuteness…


Visit with baby Icen

My two littlest just before heading over to Omi and Aaron’s house…

I swaddled Simon and rocked him in the rocking chair. I called his brothers over to see how well he smiles now and soothed him with back pats and baby talk. I tucked him in on the couch next to Lotus and he must have stayed there in cozy bliss for 20 minutes. hahaha!

Xander thought it was pretty dumb at first but after seeing all the babying play out he said, “Me next!” ha! That’s right, they are all still my babies.

Dsc 0005Web-16

Finally holding Icen again. So tiny and sweepy…sigh:)

Dsc 0006 2Daysweb

Dsc 0007 2Daysweb

Only eight weeks difference in age and my baby girl is a giant next to him!

Two cousins down, one to go! I’m so excited to have both my sister and sis-in-law having babies so close together.

Dsc 0020Web-8

I like the tag coming off of Icen’s head. It says 100% pure baby cuteness.

Dsc 0021Web-11

I just do what I’m told…by Xander

He makes stuff and tells me to get my camera.

Today’s creations…

Xander sports a crown, cape, shield, wrist guard and metal tube weapon.

Simon displays the map. It looks like X marks the treasure. (so that’s what the paper box full of paper gold coins was for!)

Dsc 0042Web-9

Dsc 0044Web-5

The first crown was too small so Lotus was made queen . Just like Cinderella but in this story having a small head is the desirable feature;)

Dsc 0047Web-4

Okay, back to Icen

Do we look related? hahahaha!!!

Omi and Icen…

Dsc 0048Web-3

Me and Simon, and my mama…

Dsc 0038Birthsm-1