“camping” in Astoria

We love all the fun things to do in Astoria. I took the kids for a day trip a couple years ago. This time Jason came too and we stayed at the KOA with friends.

We didn’t feel up to tenting in the rain and the RV is going up for sale (anyone want to buy it??), so we opted for the deluxe cabin…

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A nice dry porch swing for knitting.

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All the kids wore their mama-made sweaters and kept very warm.

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KOAs always have nice amenities for kids: Pool, mini golf, free pancake breakfast…

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We climbed the Astoria Column, all 164 steps to the top.

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Up and up and up and up…

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The Battery Russell is always a hit. A kids fort gets an upgrade from blankets and chairs to this masterpiece…

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Toured the museum and lighthouse ship…

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hidden art

I found these three eggs plus three more looking awfully frightened when I opened the carton today. I felt kind of bad but they were delicious in my breakfast burrito.

I love that the kids enjoy free access to art supplies when I find gems like this:)


Isaac’s sweater

All four of my children now have a sweater from the same pattern. They are super cozy and the knitting was easy. win-win!

So, I asked Isaac to step outside and model the sweater for a picture and I swear it doesn’t matter what the weather, it will always be too bright for the kids to want to pose for a picture. 🙁

I do remember the same hardship as a kid when my dad was taking a picture of me outside.

It went like this….

"Isaac, stand over by the rail…"

"Ooops, I had it in auto mode. Let me change the aperture and take it again." (why do I always do that?)

Isaac is not happy and explains it is too bright on his eyes and asks if we can do it later…

"Okay, just one quick smile and we’re done."


Look who’s four today!

My baby Simon is four years old today! His first question when he woke up was, "where’s my cake??"

He wanted balloons on his birthday this year, so balloons he got!

He also wanted the penguin pillow pet. We got him that too. It’s just too bad he meant it as a replacement for the dolphin pillow pet he wanted (and received) for Christmas. I thought he would love them both but apparently his heart has only enough love for one pillow pet at a time. hehe!

Xander’s gift to Simon is pretty cool! These "make a books" all ready for Simon’s personal touch.

New lens!!!!

The lens I have been wanting for several years is finally in my collection and I love it!

Its a wide angle Sigma 10-20mm, super light and sharp.

Gotta watch out for that close range distortion.

Dsc 0002Web-21

Dsc 0005Web-17

But now I can get the ENTIRE room in one shot, with all the laundry, mess and general life happenings in our house. I love it!

Dsc 0011Web-18

It’s crazy how close I am standing to the table.

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Dsc 0016Web-13

two more zipper pouches

I *heart* these little bags.


Isaac learns basic sewing

Isaac has not been interested in much in the home economics department but I think the sewing machine might have caught his attention.

He made a little pillow and is now eyeing up the embroidered plushie doll pattern I printed out.

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Dsc 0045Web-3

Dsc 0041Web-5

While the sewing machine is out…

We bought one of the beginning sewing, or should I say threading, kits during our splurge at the craft store. The kit included a heart and a cat to thread and stuffing…

Xander tried the heart and decided it was a pretty lame activity.

Img 5689Feb2011Web

Img 5686Feb2011Web

I suggested he try the cat on the machine and it went from lame to super fun! He handled the curvy seam like a pro and now he knows as much about sewing as I do;)

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Dsc 0036 Feb2011 Web

Dsc 0037 Feb2011Web

Zipper pouch made by Jason

A new project was born from a need for better containment for my knitting notions. Everything stuffed in the inside pocket of my bag has lead to things spilling out the second I throw my bag down many times.

So…..I thought what I needed was a pencil pouch. After searching stores and not finding what I needed, a Google search turned up this adorable zipper pouch sewing pattern, with embroidered applique.

I still have very little patience for sewing. Isn’t it sad to want the product but lack the skill?

Jason once again joined me on the project and did most of the machine work while I tackled the embroidery part of the pattern. Embroidery? Who knew it could be so fun?!!! I had so much fun, I’m trying to think what else needs some embroidered flair. ha!

Dsc 0001Web-24

Aside from the little embroidery, this is really a show and tell for Jason. He is getting really good! This might be the first time the old sewing machine has had the zipper foot used. He rocked it out like a pro.

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Dsc 0013Web-9

Dsc 0017Web-17

Jason had fun too because he wants to make a money pouch for one of the kids.

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