Galactic Disco bike ride 2018

We dragged the teens to Portland for an organized bike ride, with my friends. Jason had to bail pretty early on with a flat tire on our funky semi-recumbent with special tires.

It was a lot of fun and hopefully all of the bikes will be in better shape for the next one.



Xander got a haircut and is feeling light and fresh. My teens will not have a photo taken unless they are holding a dog. I approve.

Lotus and I head to the beach

Lotus has been eager to go on our special trip, to make up for missing out on Europe. Well, it won’t make up for EUROPE but her current stamina is great for short trips.

After listening to her consider trip ideas for the umpteenth day in a row, I asked her if she wanted to pack up right then and there and head to the beach for a couple nights. We did just that and had a great girls-only trip.

I also got to try out my crazy sweater I recently finished knitting. It has lumpy, bumpy sleeves and got quite a few looks. Good or bad, I am not sure.

My mom trying on the sweater…

Feeding the seals…

Next, Lotus and I want to take an overnight train trip together.

Isaac turns 17

Donuts, hanging at home and then movies with his friends, Isaac had a nice birthday!

My Isaac sure was a sweet baby, and always a great son. I don’t know how I got so lucky!

Last days in Paris

We ventured out to see the Eiffel Tower at night, and took a macaron baking class. We had a wonderful trip and are excited to fly back home and reunite with the rest of our family!

Travel is wonderful and there is no place like home.

Musée Louvre

Walking around Montmartre district of Paris

Montmartre district has been a great place to stay in Paris.

We did some more walking today and passed through the red light district (ooh la la!) and Moulin Rouge, then through the gorgeous Montmartre cemetary. My friend told me a bunch of cats live in the cemetary and locals keep them fed. The cats were elusive but we had fun looking and spotted several. We also spotted them being fed in a hidden corner.

Next we strolled past Van Gogh’s home.

Then lunch and up through the artist’s corner next to Sacre Cœur.

Paris sight-seeing: eiffel tower, musée Rodin, Sacre Cœur

After a down day inside, we ventured out via metro to see some things. I get turned around often, so lots of extra walking and tired kids.

I was excited to see this Van Gogh, titled Pére Tanguy, because I used the painting as inspiration for a beginning painting class project this past winter.

My paintings… (super zoomed in because I forgot to take a closer photo)

The original…

Xander was too tired to go back out later for dinner, so just Simon and I went out and did some shopping. My friends told me I needed to sample the fancy little yogurts in jars, so I stocked up. My fav is lemon. Yum!

Train to Paris

We said goodbye to Kinsey and England and took the train to Paris!

The boys were starting to get homesick and travel fatigue, which can be seen in the photos. Ha!

Our flat entrance, and teeny tiny elevator. The flat is in the Montmartre district and has been decorated with the modern, space saver units. It is pretty posh!

My first entrée in Paris was apparently a hit because the boys kept stealing my potatoes au gratin side dish, and dipping everything in my duck sauce.

Local junk food sampling is always a hit with kids.

Afternoon Tea in London

For our last day in London, we did a posh afternoon tea at a place called the 108 Brasserie.

The path to the restaurant is a narrow pedestrian path cut through tall buildings and lined with shops. Very nice!

Found Jason a fancy cap in this little hat shop.