Jason’s current home improvement project

Jason ripped out a section of chain link gate and fencing we had on one side of the house and is replacing it with wood.

He wants to install an eight foot gate and a four foot gate that will open barn door style to allow for RV parking. We’ll be sticking our utility trailer back there for now, since we sold the RV, but it’s good to have the option;)

An eight foot, wood gate is going to require a BIG post. A big post will require a BIG hole. Jason had to dig through a layer of roots and then a layer of clay but he did it! Simon jumped in the hole a couple times to show the progress of a four foot deep hole.

I was outside with him and the entire time he was digging we discussed the pros and cons of renting some kind of digger. We chatted and chatted about it and then the hole was finished. Ha! He has two more holes to dig but they will be small.

Dsc 0014Posthole8112Web
Dsc 0004Posthole8112Web
Simon’s crazy face, “help me!” He and Xander are both standing up straight. It’s deep!
Dsc 0007Posthole8112Web

funny Lotus

Lotus runs off fast but this one started with a scoot and a plotting grin. I love looking at photos again later and finding a few more gems I overlooked the first time.

Dsc 0034Kids71412Web

fencing and play

My Isaac is taking a full week of fencing classes, aka “Fencing camp.” I hope he enjoys it enough for three hours a day;)

Dsc 0094Isaacfencing72312Web
Jason is such a rock star. On a whim I decided to see how cheap we could acquire a swing set on craigslist. IN THE SAME DAY Jason bought a play structure, transported it home and reassembled it in our backyard. The kids are going nuts on it and having fun.

Dsc 0100Swingset72312Web

Dsc 0112Swingset72312Web

Tether Ball

A tether ball pole is in the yard!

Dsc 0090Tetherballweb


Dsc 0009Kids71412Web2

Dsc 0064Lotus71412Web
Dsc 0052Simonsfiveweb
Dsc 0071Bubbleweb
Dsc 0078Bubbleweb

Knitting news

After a month long hiatus, I finally picked up my knitting and finished this shawl: The Traveling Companion Shawl. It may not be exactly my style but it was fun to knit. Who knows…maybe I’ll make it my style!

Dsc 0003Firstshawl Web
I’m thinking another shawl done in a less frilly pattern, with cozy alpaca, would be nice for winter around the house. I’ll need to wade through the many many shawl patterns online. I’ll be asking myself “What would Marilla from Anne of Green Gables wear?” That’s what I want!

Oak Island Trail take two

Oak Island trail on Sauvie Island:

According to my blog, I took the kids on this trail back in 2008 and it was not a hit. We decided to try it again so Lotus could enjoy the freedom to hike without the dangers of a narrow trail and a sudden drop off the side of a cliff (like most of the Gorge hikes have).

It was flat, hot and long, just like we experienced before. Just like his seven year old self, Isaac once again asked if we could never do this hike again. Ha!

We took these pics with the point and shoot camera we haven’t used in a while. Mostly the kids use this camera so we found some old gems on it, like this view from the back seat during our cross-country road trip last fall. Happy Lotus in her carseat, Jason driving and me trying to get cozy with the neck pillow.

Wahclella Falls for the umpteenth time

Our favorite hiking spot in the Gorge has been hiked so many times I haven’t bothered to take the camera the last few times. This time some friends came and took pics. Yay! See, we do get out of the house.

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Wahkelafalls6 2012Kidslog

Wahkelafalls6 2012

The Lake family, minus Dan…
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It looks like Xander did get a few shots on his camera when we went last month. I see the date says 2011 but it really was last month. Xander cam:

Obviously he had me take this one of him…

Mom and Lotus, holding up the rear…

The roar of water everywhere…

Me and my mini

Xander and I, testing out his new web cam. He’s been growing his hair out…and so have I. 🙂

Isaac is 11!

The weather was wonderful for Isaac’s park birthday celebration. He is having such a good day!

Dsc 0048Bday51912Web

Dsc 0061Bday51912Bday51912Web

Isaac chose Rood Bridge park for his party this year and I’m so glad he did. The giant lawn is gorgeous and the kids seemed to have a good time spreading their play out over the entire area.

Dsc 0067Bday51912Web

Dsc 0071Bday51912Web

I just love this photo of me with all the littles: Lotus, Simon, Xander, my niece Ava and my nephew Icen. I often imagine life when they are all grown and I’m missing the days when they were little, then I flash back to the present and soak them in. I love them so much and relish our beautiful life right now. Not missing a second of it!

Dsc 0040Bday51912Web