Banks-Vernonia Bike Trail

After several rides around town, we finally loaded the bikes onto the car to try out a small section of the Banks-Vernonia railway trail.

The top of the trestle…
Img 0350Bikeride10612Web
Img 0354Bikeride10612
Img 0359Bikeride10612Web
The trestle again. We were up there!
Img 0370Bikeride10612Web
So…..getting bikes and accessories loaded up is a bit of a nightmare with a family of six. This was a good test to see what we need and what we no longer want. We learned that just because a bike rack says four bikes can fit, it doesn’t mean we want to spend the time it requires to make them fit. Stay tuned. We’ll get this figured out.
Img 0371Bikeride10612Web

Dusting off the bikes

Xander learned to ride a bike and it has ignited a renewed excitement for the activity. It feels great to have 2/4 of the kids riding but the other 2/4 are giving me a 70 pound cargo to tow around the ‘hood. They jump in very excited for the ride, so who can deny them the fun? Not me…so my legs are gladly paying for it.

I’m aiming for the Worst Day of the Year bike ride in February, which is 18 miles. Cue Eye of the Tiger as we set out to increase our bike mileage over the next few months.

Dsc 0001Biketrailer10312Web

Hanging out at home

I don’t document the kids home activities enough, so I thought I’d just run around a snap a pic of what they are all doing *right now*.

“mommy…MOMMY, see! Red marker!”
Working together to make a mask for each of themselves.
Isaac tells me he is playing a game called Borderlands.

Horning’s Hideout

We spent the day at Horning’s Hideout and had a great time! I love that it’s so close to home. There are peacocks roaming around everywhere and lots to do.

Simon surprised me by casting his line out really well his first time fishing.
Between untangling lines I got a few casts in myself…
I just missed Isaac’s biggest smile I have ever seen when he thought he had a fish on the line. We didn’t catch any this time but plan on bringing better bait and trying again soon.

Caterpillar find…
A face covered in dirt is a sign of a good day outside for Lotus…

Rock Creek Trail

We had planned to take the bikes with our newest bike rider: Xander!!!! but he was a little sore from all the practice yesterday, so we walked instead.

When all the leaves start to change it is going to be beautiful!

Yurt camping in Newport, Oregon

We joined some unschoolers in our community for camping at the coast and, unbelievably, it was our first camping trip of 2012.

We tried out a yurt for the first time and it was nice, we’ll definitely use them again.

Xander was up in a tree a lot of the time.
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Doesn’t Xander look nice with his hair back? He is still growing it long but doesn’t like the wind whipping it into his face.
One of my favorite moments was watching the kids play tag…

Walking to the beach…
Jason and Lotus back there at the water line…
A small neighborhood park, we happened to drive by, has the most incredible slide! Jason and I went down too and it was grown-up worthy;)

Me and my snuggle monkey


A Day in the Gorge

Cascade Locks…
Dsc 0010Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0011Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0015Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0020Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0028Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0040Cascadelocks9312Web
Ice cream cones for lunch…
Dsc 0047Cascadelocks9312Web
Dsc 0052Cascadelocks9312Web
Hiking to the top of Multnomah Falls…
Dsc 0053Multnomahfalls9312Web
We made it to the top of the waterfall…
Dsc 0060Multnomahfalls9312Web
Dsc 0068Multnomahfalls9312Web
Chalk art in nature…
Dsc 0080Multnomahfalls9312Web
Milk break…
Dsc 0084Multnomahfalls9312Web
Not a bad view…
Dsc 0086Multnomahfalls9312Web

Sunday in the City

We took a short hike in Forest Park…

Dsc 0012Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0014Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0017Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0027Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0022Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0051Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0052Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0043Forestpark82612Web
Then we played on this sweet playground…

Dsc 0064Portlandpark82612Web
Dsc 0077Portlandpark82612Web
Dsc 0075Portlandpark82612Web

Finished project

The chain link side gate/corner fence, held together with a bungee cord is no more! We don’t have the RV pictured so the utility trailer is tucked behind he gate now. Jason does good work once again.

A very old “before” pic…
Dsc 0010Eastgatemess Web
Dsc 0002Eastgate Web
Dsc 0003Eastgateweb