scary, scary weekend

At 3am on Saturday morning I was awakened by some noises and found my love, my sweet Jason, having a seizure on the floor next to the bed. He had bitten his tongue, was bashing his arms and scraped his wrist. He tried to speak to me and garbled speech came out. Then he got up and stumbled all over the house, banging into things while I tried to get a call into 911. The kids were scared, I was scared. We use Magic Jack phone service and hadn’t activated the 911 address verification-so it wouldn’t dial 911(something you have to do with VOIP phone service) and I couldn’t find the cell phone in a panic. Thankfully my mom answered and called in the EMTs for us.

He started to come around just as the EMTs were taking him to the ED. They did a CT and sent us back home. He feels back to normal except for all of the injuries he sustained falling off the bed, banging his shoulder into the night stand and kicking something with his bare toes, and of course his bitten tongue.

We have to wait until Monday to call for a neurologist appointment. In the meantime he is now taking seriously another symptom he has been having the last two months which is random moments of “Alexia” a type of receptive aphasia that involves the inability to comprehend a written word. He has been having moments of it at work while reading emails. We attributed it to lack of sleep. When it continued to happen he wondered if it was because he hadn’t had breakfast so he started eating better. It’s amazing how quickly we can rationalize away a symptom 🙁

We still don’t know what is going on exactly and don’t want to jump to worst case scenario so we’ll try and remain calm, but it’s not easy. I have randomly burst into tears several times today- just reading a book to Lotus, wiping down the kitchen table, etc.

In the meantime, I don’t want to risk him diving off our tall bed again so we took the mattress off the frame and put it on the floor. This it what it used to look like-snagged from an old blog post from 2007 when we were so proud to have such a grown up bed. ha!

Dsc 0008Smbw

Here’s the new set up. We put some lamps on the wall so we could eliminate the nightstands.


Me and my bestie. Okay, crying again….

this and that

No more standing on my head to sort through baking pans under the stove. Jason built in this nifty storage rack and we love it!

Homemade crackers are something we’ve been experimenting with. We definitely have not found the perfect recipe yet but the kids chowed down the first two batches and it turns out Simon loves goat cheese. He’s my pickiest of picky eaters so that was a surprise.
Homemade bread is second nature to us now. I make four loaves every week and it hardly take any time at all. Next on my “real food agenda” is homemade broth. I keep thinking I’m doing good and then find another nasty in our foods.

I’ve been buying organic chicken and beef broth for soup recipes and I can’t believe I never looked at the ingredients before. I took a gander and lo and behold: “yeast extract,” aka MSG.
Lotus finally figured out pedaling. She had so much fun cruising around the block. This Kettler Kiddi-o trike is fantastic! We picked it up cheap off Craig’s list. It has two ways to adjust the size, making it a comfortable ride for both two year old Lotus and six year old Simon.

Day 11 of biking and Hillsboro Food Coop

Jason and I biked to the first community meeting for a possible food coop in our town. It won’t come together for another 2-5 years but we’re excited for when it does!

We dropped the kids off at my Parents house on the way and when we came back to pick them up my little nephew-bear Icen was there. I gave him a ride on the bike and he loved it! He said, “go on the motorcycle…gotta be careful!”


Day 10 of 30 days of biking

I am ten days into my 30 days of cycling pledge and it’s going great! A lot of the same photos but today we rode to the grocery store and packed home a full load.

The pledge has definitely motivated me to think more about taking the bike instead of the car for local errands.




Milk pick-up

I managed to talk myself into biking the eight mile round-trip to pick up our weekly farm-fresh milk. Lotus was, of course, eager and excited to go with.


The hill I don’t like-which is probably nothing to some but I am huffing and puffing. Last week I noticed a guy zipping up the hill without any effort at all…and then I noticed the battery pack attached to his rear rack. I wish!


Lotus trying to delay getting back on the bike. There is an awesome park along the way I wish we could have stopped at but we needed to get the milk home and into the fridge. Sorry, Lotes.



We’ve been meaning to check out a tiny geocache close to our home and today was the perfect drizzly day to do it. It’s so small it only has a log to sign, but they found it amazingly fast.

Day six of biking and deck clean-up

Day five of 30 days of biking was another token whirl down our street after taking the kids swimming but today, day 6, was another family ride. We packed a ball and rode to the school to play.

These pics of our deck clean-up were also on the camera. This has been a real pain in the buns because the birch tree in the backyard has at least four seasons of stuff dumping onto the deck. Even now, after scrubbing the gunk off, the tree has its catkins getting ready to fall and make the next big mess. We just want to get some sealant down!


My little buddy Lotus



Days three and four of 30 days of biking

Yesterday the kids and I took a long walk and watched a little bit of the track meet near-by. I ended up taking just a quick ride around our neighborhood loop, in the dark, to get my cycling in.

This evening we all cruised to the grocery store. I love biking as a family!

It does take some time to get all four bikes locked up properly.


Photos of our niece Macie

I was asked to take pics of the baby and unfortunately, I have not done anything in the form of professional or even wannabe professional photos in a long time. My computer is not calibrated, I have no grey card, etc, etc. Just a few pics were all I could muster. She sure is a sweetie, alert and relaxed the entire time.

Dsc 0010Macie040313Web-1
Dsc 0014Macie040313Web
Dsc 0012Macie040313Web
Dsc 0003Macie040313Web
Dsc 0018Macie040313Web