In-line skates

Xander and Simon got some inline skates and we tested them out on the trail today. Simon had a tough time and didn’t last long…

Between the two pairs with adjustable sizing they fit from a size 2 all the way up to an 8. Isaac was able to take a turn, which means I can probably use them too! Xander seems to be the most into it. I see Xander-Mommy rollerblading happening soon…

Isaac’s 13th birthday finale

I love this guy!


Isaac is 13!

Our beloved Isaac is 13 today! We can’t gush enough about our “baby.” He introduced us to parenting and I guess we sort of loved it since we had three more. Now he’s introducing us to the teen years and I can tell already IT’S AWESOME!

He wanted a faster computer for his birthday so he and Jason built one together…
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Isaacis13Comuterbuildweb O
We started off his big day with a fancy breakfast. Yum, yum! Happy birthday, Isaac!

Lotus Mobile

In an attempt to ditch the cargo bike, I’ve put the child seat and front basket on the comfort bike. Our first ride was okay, but not great. Going up a hill I had to stop and nearly popped a wheelie with all the back weight. A double kickstand mod is on the way because the bike will not stay standing at all, while loaded on a single stand. All this because the cargo bike has always been a wee bit too tall for me and I started to bemoan taking it out. Maybe we’ll come full circle and look into trailers again. Ha!


Squeeeeeeee! New bike!

I’ve been scouring Craig’s List for a lighter road bike and finally found a good one. Incredibly, it came with a ton of accessories, including shoes and pedal clips IN MY SIZE. It was meant to be.

I test rode a full road bike with dropped handlebars and discovered it wasn’t for me, at this time. I didn’t like having to drop down for every gear change or braking, especially for all the in town commuting we do. A great compromise was the Trek 7.5 FX with the upright handlebars but the lighter road bike components. Zippy and a perfect fit. The shoes are great too and something I probably never would have bought for myself.



Banks-Vernonia trail

Isaac and I did a section of the Banks-Vernonia trail. As soon as we arrived at the trail head I noticed a flat. An unplanned detour to the tire place ate up a bunch of our afternoon but we still managed to get in 11 miles of riding. Isaac did great and enjoyed all the bunny sightings.

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Cheesy selfie…
0429141617 Resizedbikeride42914Web
My basket is working out nicely. I picked up this little Game Boy pouch at the thrift store and it Velcros to the basket for great key/phone/wallet storage. The whole set-up is probably going to change again though when I get Lotus on the back and a basket in the front.
0429141617B Resizedbikeride42914Web

Bike love

The calm before the hail storm…

Check out my new milk crate basket. Now I can toss stuff in without fussing over bags sliding around, or at least my bags that were sliding around, and poking into my spokes!

Now I need some fenders. Rain splashing up into my face is not cool.




The usual Easter activities: egg dying and cookie making. We have continued to dye raw eggs, because we don’t need four dozen hard boiled eggs, and not a single egg was cracked in this year’s hunt! I was all set to cook up the cracked eggs for breakfast and not a single incident. Amazing!




All three of my guys are in the same parkour class. “Beginning parkour” was a hit but the current class called “games” should be called “how many ways can we play dodgeball?” It does not really focus on parkour at all. My boys are on the small side and not very aggressive…I’m sure you can imagine how that is going. My mom and I were reminiscing over our own gym class experiences with dodgeball and we both pretended to be hit early on in the game. “I’m out! I’ll just go stand by the wall out of harms way now…” Ha!

We might be taking a break until they can get into the other class again.


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