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November happenings

Hello 41, for me, and Jason and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. We didn’t do much of anything this year because all of our fun money went to having new siding put on the house. 

It looks pretty great, even with just primered siding. The paint will have to wait until spring. 

The birthday was spent lazing about like this…

The anniversary was also spent cozy at home with our first woodstove fire of the season…

A gradual shift in our family life has occurred, and it is having a teen who wants to stay home instead of joining family outings. This shift seemed okay until kid #2/almost-teen also wanted to skip out on a trip to the beach. 

I nearly had a melt down! I know a time will come when kids grow up and move away; when Jason and I will travel about for ourselves, but today is not that day! Not for half my kids already?? 

I was able to talk Xander into joining us for the beach trip, but I know it won’t work next time. I need to soak it up while it lasts and accept this transition. Waaaaah!

The column in Astoria…

Battery Russell…

The beach in Astoria…

Fultano’s pizza and bowling in Gearhart…

Dog #2: Lucy!

Our last dog friend spent his 15 years of life as a solo dog in the family. Realizing he missed the opportunity to do dog stuff with other dogs on a regular basis, I wanted to have two dogs this time. 

I’ve had my eye on various rescues and websites, but happened to meet someone, in person, looking to rehome the perfect dog for us! A four year old mini-doxie with the sweetest disposition.

Lucy moved right in and we couldn’t be more smitten, kevin included. 

Learning Spanish

Jason and I have started learning Spanish! A communication snaffoo at work inspired me and it has quickly developed into a full fledged obsession.

After only two weeks, my mind is already fumbling through spanish conversations in my half sleep state every morning. Changes in the brain are starting to take place, which is incredible since I took many years of French with nothing to show for it. 

The difference seems to be the multifaceted approach we are taking this time around. Two language applications on my phone are used daily, we started a beginning Spanish class, we’ve joined conversation meet-ups in the community and I’ve been flooding my mind with Spanish speaking exposure through TV, movies and now children’s books. 

This is us having a beer at our first conversation meet-up. We mostly listened and attempted a few words…

The next week, I attended another conversation meet-up and was able to fully introduce myself and participate in a game/exercise. Woot!

Great Wolf Lodge 

We spent a couple days at Great Wolf Lodge, this time with some of my siblings/inlaws and most of the cousins. A great time was had! 

So much alcohol! And, it looks like my phone is filled with photos of the booze. Ha!

We get a kick out of this rollercoaster simulator in the arcade. My ride partner started out as Xander but he ended up not liking it and bailed. In fact, both big guys didn’t do any of the slides and declined the zipline obstacle coarse. Maybe they are losing their GWL love. 

The beach

Something we never do, but should, is jump in the car and drive to the beach spontaneously. We tend to make beach plans that involve a couple nights at a hotel, but today, we went for just a few hours and it was nice. 

It was Kevin’s first time to the beach. He approves!

Summer Happenings part two. 

At a friend’s birthday celebration: playing in the trough pool and kicking back around the fire. 

About three days before the Cycle Oregon Joy ride, which is a women’s only organized and supported bike ride in wine country, I discovered I had won a free registration based on this photo contest submission:

The photo contest happened months prior and I had forgotten all about it, until the win notice was discovered buried in the hidden message folders on Facebook. 

I hadn’t ridden my bike much at all but damned if I was going to let a free registration go unused! 38 miles with hills and a touch of rain. My body was pretty much done by mile 25, but I got ‘er done. 

Later that same day was the Prince Vs Bowie ride in Portland. It was tough getting back on the bike seat, but a lot of fun!

Jason and I joined friends Barbra and Chris and we all dressed for team Prince.

Barbra’s cool flask made me realize just how flaskless I live. The ride was filled with music, costumes, drinking and a lot of cannabis in the air. Ha! A party on wheels. 

This and that

The puppy is getting bigger and loves to dig up cat poop in the backyard.


I called it a cat poop cigar and my friend worked some photo magic…

Let’s see, what else…

My mama and I flew to Reno for my cousin Heather’s wedding. A good time was had with good food, family and gorgeous mountain views.






Simon started and now planted a 4×4′ bed of corn. So far, so good and Xander’s zucchini is doing well too.

Lots more but that’ll do for this post.

A Couple Family Outings

We ventured out as a family, two days in a row! The big guys want to stay home most of the time, so it’s a treat for me!

The Ten Grands concert in Portland was a lot of fun! Ten grand pianos and the youngest pianist was ten. There was a lot of humor and songs the kids know, in addition to introductions to famous composers and their works.


The next day, we met up with friends and hung out in the Gorge. It was a beautiful day and our new puppy got a taste of adventure.












We were appreciating the lack of pet responsibility after our dog Luke passed away last summer, but the longing for a fur buddy started to creep back in. The kids have been asking for a pug(!!?). Pugs are difficult to come by, but we managed to find a little guy.

Meet Kevin…







He’s quite a character! Loud snoring and little piggy noises all the time. He was sleeping with me and Jason and a rare period of silence caused me to panic and think he had stopped breathing! The kids are loving him so much!

Simon is 9

Simon turned 9 today! We’ve been doing low key family parties for a couple years now and keeping it simple.

Breakfast out with Grandma, a movie at the theater and cupcakes at home.


He chose chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. Yummo!



Happy birthday, Simmy!