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2010 graduating senior photo session

Took a long breather from the photography biz and honestly I am still not putting myself out there. But I got a call for a High School senior session and it was fun…hmm, maybe I’ll get the bug again.

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We went back to our favorite hike from our adventures in “all trails Oregon” last year (when the kids and I were crossing off the trails listed in a book).

Wahclella Falls.

I highly recommend it for kids, or anyone. There is major eye candy in the form of waterfalls, bridges, caves and river all along the way. and of course slugs, spiders…and even a small frog this time.

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Isaac took this next photo and told me even before he snapped the pic that it shall be called “X marks the spot.”

Img 3839Web

This spider was cruising through his web design!

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A bonus treat is the fish hatchery off the same exit. The entire campus is beautiful and very relaxing to stroll through. Now is the time of year they start processing the adult salmon…this might be only M-F 9-5 kinda thing though. Since it was a holiday we missed the salmon processing this round.

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The best big brothers

Isaac is really sweet to Simon and reads to him now. yay! I love it when I see Isaac reading and Simon and Xander are snuggled in on either side.

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First day of school pics…

This time of year I start seeing first day of school pics posted everywhere…it makes me want to post some too!

I couldn’t exactly get the kids lined up by the front door with their new outfits and lunch sacks, so I’ll just document a little bit of our morning.

About 10:45ish Simon wakes up and pulls me by the hand directly to the fridge and demands a popsicle.

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We peek on the big brothers…

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It’s okay, Isaac…just taking a picture. Go back to sleep:)

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Shall we make pancakes, Simon?


He insists he can pour the second cup of milk in.

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spill number 1/many for the day.

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Dsc 0027Web-4

Xander strolls out at 11:20 eager for pancakes.

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And then directly to the couch to make some more progress on Pokemon. They finally discovered the game yesterday. Simon imitates.

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Isaac finally wakes up and announces he is not hungry yet but will have some OJ.

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Xander is so glad Isaac is up because he needs Isaac to help with a tough part in his game.

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Big sticks in the back yard…

Dsc 0049Web-2

And just because its so pretty, our farm share bounty…

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The melon barely makes it out of the bag…

Dsc 0050Web

The kids play so well together…

They really crack me up! Xander is so gentle with Simon, even though he plays tough with the “Get off me ya little freak!” haha!

someone got a new haircut…

The faces of Simon!

He is getting so big…and such a funny guy. wants to do *everything* his older brothers do.

He’s my snuggle baby.

He has to have a foot or something touching me while we sleep. If I get up before him in the morning that lack of contact lets him know it’s time to wake up.

He will often think food is inedible when presented on his own plate…but in my bowl it suddenly looks delicious and *must* be split 50/50. ha!

He loves chocolate milk and cheese.

He loves watching Caillou.

His older brothers each had a passion…or obsession by this age. Isaac loved Hot Wheels and Transformers and Xander loved bats and balls…

…I don’t know if it’s a third child thing but he doesn’t really have a specific focus like that.

He’s happy and open to everything fun that comes his way.

I love that:)

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name this plant…

Got this in the weekly farm share and looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me with little return. do you know what it is? I’m such a produce ignoramous…thank goodness we get an emailed list of what everything is.

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Dsc 0012Web

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This is their super excited faces!

Dsc 0018Web-1

Produce answer: garbonzo beans! think I’ll get a full cup?

Maiden voyage in the motorhome

We escaped the heat by camping at Gales Creek Campground for four nights. It is a short drive from home and fabulous! Our friend Sheri told us about it and I’m so glad she did because it is perfect! It was nice and cool in the woods and the creek is endless entertainment for the kids.

I was impressed we were able to appreciate all the conveniences of the motorhome without electrical hook-up. The bathroom, the lights, the water…everything but the air conditioner.

Img 3736Web

Img 3756Web

The boys with Sher’s son RJ. Good buds.

Img 3754Web

Img 3763Web

Throwing rocks…and more rocks.

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Img 3793Web

Xander’s pet “Slimy.”

Img 3802Web

We watched this raccoon sleeping in the tree by our campsite all day Saturday.

Img 3795Web

There is a very cool hiking trail. We passed a lot of bicycles on this path. They must have some serious leg strength because it was steep and narrow in some places.

Xander was thrilled to have spotted a brown snake in the middle of the trail. We all got a good look before watching it slither away.

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finally a bike buddy

Isaac has finally learned how to ride a bike and we can cruise around the ‘hood together.

I’ve been anxious for this day because three kids do not fit in the bike trailer. A five year old and a two year old give me quite a work out as it is. Xander is not interested in learning yet…but the bike is ready when he is;)

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Img 3707Web

no idea…must have caught him at an odd moment because he wasn’t upset. lol

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Img 3693Web

it’s kinda freaky to see the two year old climb up here but he seems to know what he can handle on his own. After attempting the top rung he asked to be helped down instead.

Img 3702Web

motorhome sweetness

We really do have the best luck! This motorhome came on the market just when we started looking and I was excited about the perfect size and perfect price. Not *too*old and everything works! Woot!

Jason drove it the bulk of the way home from Gresham and then I took the wheel from Cornelius Pass. Driving it is a blast. You sit up high and feel like the captain. haha!

Its going to be great for adventures. Perfect size for our little family.

Img 3667Web

It takes up our entire driveway right now. We need to make some adjustments with the basketball hoop to get it moved over a bit.

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