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Tie dye fun in the garage

All that soaking and tying and dying and now the 24 hour wait to see the results. I can’t wait!

Since the kids already have three shirts each from our last batch, we did four shirts for me and two dozen tiny cloth diapers. They are going to be so adorable!

I had fun hanging with my friends today; working together and making a mess. I can’t wait to see all the finished items.

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Isaac is 9!

Isaac turned 9 on the 19th and we had his little birthday gathering tonight. Good food, casual company. Just the way we like it!

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Turning into quite the little dude…and that comedian Xander back there. hehe! love these guys!

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love this weather!

Our two garden beds…

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All strawberries; the package tells me they need to be much further spaced but the square foot garden book ASSURES me they can be planted 4 to a square foot. We’ll see if they produce!

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Peas, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach and lettuce…and marigolds. Something is already nibbling on the cucumber leaves and a cantaloupe plant Xander wanted to include is dead. Three spots waiting for tomatoes to come in a couple weeks.

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The kids and I enjoyed lunch in the park today. Some much needed outside time. Isaac has been dedicated to some Wii games for almost two weeks now. He treats it like a full time job…up early, just a few breaks throughout the day and plays late until bed time. He was eager to get back home to it after lunch.

His friend just stopped by, bringing his own game controller. I know he is over the moon to be able and share his game skills and advancements with someone. I have zero knowledge or skills in that department. hehe

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scruffy boys

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outside fun

A little yard work outside. We now have two raised beds ready for plants, thanks to Jason.

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Had a playdate at the park and a friend found this little robin mama sitting on her nest. I went back today and she was turned around, with her tail feathers sticking out.

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Can see her face a little from the other side but there are a lot more branches in the way.

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creative snack

Xander combined his love for crafts and food today with a creative snack recipe he found online.

He came to me with the instructions copied onto paper and all of the supplies ready on the table. My knife skills were brought into the project but he took care of the rest.

It’s funny he wanted to make an extra for Isaac but forgot about Simon. Typical! Worship the older sibling, forget about the younger. hehe!



and from the back…

Lately, believe it or not, Isaac and Simon are playing video games a lot together in two player mode. Here they are playing lego Batman while Xander watches.

It’s funny how it was always Simon and Xander playing together and Isaac and Xander playing together, but not usually ever Isaac and Simon. Now I see one tall kid and one shrimpy kid standing next to each other playing a video game together, paying no attention to the fact that one is three and one is almost nine.

Simon is getting pretty darn good too!

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love love love…

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egg crazy…

A little while ago we found this website with funny egg photos the kids and I got a kick out of. This sweet one is my fav:

Img 0001

Xander was inspired and wanted to draw faces on our eggs. We’ve had fun adding in some dialogue with each egg as we crack them open for cooking…

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Easter egg activities started today (Saturday) with an egg hunt at the pool for Isaac…


And then some egg dying at home. We’ll be going to our friends house for egg hunting tomorrow so I didn’t even bother to boil these eggs. Have I mentioned how gorgeous I think brown eggs turn out? The colors are so rich.


Xander asked me all day when it was going to be egg dying time. He is happy now.

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Time to build and paint that birdhouse Simon got for his birthday.

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Check out the DETAILED instructions for how to paint and the TINY brush provided. Jason and I got a laugh out of that. Good thing we had our own paint brushes or the job would never get done.

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Okay, maybe some paper to ease the cleanup might be prudent at this point….

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Isaac showed some mild interest but opted to continue his ds game instead.

Lately I feel like I’m examining his face as we talk and discovering a new person. The shape of his face, his eyebrows, expressions and voice are being rediscovered all of a sudden. Who is this big kid with the angular face and funny conversation?

We are spending extra time together as we’ve watched nearly all six seasons of Xena the Warrior Princess episodes over the last few weeks, laughing and discussing the stories together. He’s growing up a little more and it’s amazing. I’m thrilled to be living this lifestyle and spend so much time together; all the time in the world to watch my flowers grow.

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