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Local hike and play

Took the boys and RJ to Washington Park for a compromised outing…I get my hiking in and they get to play in a park.

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Simon’s birthday!

He turned three today!

We did a small party for him tonight….I call it the quick and dirty. hehe! Just us, a little box cake and a few presents.

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I completely massacred the cupcakes when I couldn’t get them to drop out of the pan. Oh well, chalk this one up to another one of my ugly cakes.

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Simon found it easier to eat without hands…

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Gift time!

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Here’s all his loot. He is happy as a clam and he and his brothers are bopping their balloons around, making up games with them. A successful birthday:)

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two new rooms at our house

We finally made the furniture switch to accommodate a new bedroom for Simon.

He’s been sleeping with us since birth and he slept in his own little bunk at the Great Wolf Lodge for the first time. We wanted to keep the momentum going and hurried to get his bedroom set up last night, even though painting still needs to be done in both rooms.

He is so excited about his new room, he climbed in and shortly after a tuck in he snuggled in and fell asleep.

My little guy is getting so big! He’ll be three tomorrow!

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Our computer lab is shaping up just how we imagined…

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The boys have our good buddy RJ staying a couple nights and couldn’t be more pleased. Their first sleepover!

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Great Wolf Lodge

We had an awesome time at the Great Wolf Lodge the past two nights with two other families. Such good friends, we were asked if it was a family reunion at the restaurant.

Here are all the littles lined up. The best of friends.


Table for 17?



Simon’s birthday is in two days and Emily’s is next week so they got the birthday song and cupcake.


Lots of computer games during the downtime…



$5.00 in the arcade gets burned up in about three minutes. Ask me how I know…


And my ONLY pic from the water park….I am counting on Kristin for some water park shots. Hint hint…

Simon in the kiddie area. The two slides in there were perfect for both Simon and Xander.


Friends meet again…

Simon and Hannah Haven’t seen each other in a awhile. Look how big they have gotten!

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old school experiment…

…but new to the kids! Xander is excited to see if anything happens.

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Family room progress

…with some new art, passed on from my friend Nicole. I love it!

The desk tables came out of their boxes this weekend. Just a little more painting on the book shelves and the computers, lamps and desk chairs can move in.

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Isn’t it a fun painting? Local artist Irina Beffa..check out her other stuff.

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this and that

We made the ugliest chocolate covered strawberries ever. The chocolate didn’t quite melt in the microwave like I thought and stiffened up. I had to spatula some onto each berry.

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The kids gobbled them all up in a about 5 minutes, so I guess they tasted fine.

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A little peak at the family room progress…

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Somebody needs his own computer…

Simon had just about every program open, an email about to send and some things downloading on my computer.

Here he is working on Xander’s computer now.

I’m thinking it’s time to set up his own station in the new family room remodel.

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