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Yachats beach week: Devil’s Churn, Cape Perpetua, beach fun

Family beach week in Yachats, Oregon

My mama organized a beach vacation for herself, all of her kids’ families and her own siblings, and it was fabulous!

Then and now photos at the Oregon Sea Lion Caves…

Everyone took turns making dinner and the little cousins raced around the houses playing. 

4th of July

A family bike ride over to my mom’s for breakfast and the parade, and then to some friends for a bbq and fireworks. It was a beautiful day!


Just a few photos taken recently…

Zoo trip

Jason snapped a photo of us heading out with our sunglasses on. Ready for some sunshine and a park stroll!

8 years of growing

My boys making their FDT (full dude transformation).

Planters with Grandma

A fun planter project with Grandma. Good idea, mom!

Isaac is 16

Isaac hit the big 16! He picked up his driver’s license, we had pie with Grandma and then went to the movies. 

This guy is sailing through the teen years and making it look easy!

Patti Austin concert

Timing was on my side when I decided to browse for symphony tickets! Patti Austin’s name showed up and she is synonymous with my childhood memories of road trip tunes. Quincy Jones, The Dude, played on repeat? Yes, please!

Her boogie woogie disco tunes would have been amazing but her concert was a symphony-backed tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, whom I also love. Win-win!

Jason had a work thing come up and my mama was able to go in his place. We had great seats and a fabulous time!

Drum lesson fiasco

I think I’ve mentioned it here before- Lotus wanted to learn drums so we bought an inexpensive set and signed her up for lessons. She has changed her mind a couple times and we have recently tried a different teacher who comes to our home (hooray!)

Unfortunately, she is already changing her mind, which is an unusual situation for me to have a kid ask for the same thing and keep quitting. My guess is she is craving a new skill but the drums are not the right fit. 

Simon is interested in taking over the home drum lessons, and seems to be a natural for it. Maybe we’ll try piano for Lotus. 

And, just because the photo is on my phone…

Isaac looking handsome at lunch after his violin lesson.