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garden happenings

Summer 2010 was our first attempt at a garden.

Some bad decisions were made along with some less favorable weather. I was thinking our next garden would be much simpler with various lettuces, some tomatoes and that’s it. But, honestly, we’re going to go with a Farmers Market year for 2011.

Well into the fall of 2010 I gave up on the garden and figured my tomatoes would never grow, my carrots would never get bigger than tooth pick size, onions never bigger than marbles and the brussel sprouts never produce more than the giant sun blocking leaves.

I was right about everything but the brussel sprouts. They’ve been busy growing out there all by themselves.

Too bad they look a little over done for eating. But what do I know? Rookie!

Dsc 0022Web-17

You see how they take over my 4×4′ garden bed? I’m guessing the space required and the harvest time of seven months may not be ideal for my home garden.

Dsc 0024Web-7

Dsc 0025Web-6

Xander always draws faces on balloons. Does this look a little like Barack Obama? I mean that in the nicest way possible. 😉 It’s just that he came to mind when I first saw it.

Dsc 0018Web-5

Playdate just for Simon

We have wonderful friends for Isaac and Xander and Simon enjoys tagging along but I decided I need to start setting up some playdates just for him.

Today we went to play with Pablo and he had so much fun!

I’m embarrassed to say this was the last time we visited them…

Pablo and Simon

Dsc 0003Pablosm-1

And this was today…

Pablo and Simon

Dsc 0015Web-9

But I am a hermit and they live in Portland;) I’ll try and make it over again before 3.5 years have whizzed by.

another finished knitting project

Unfortunately this was the yarn Isaac picked out and it ended up fitting Xander better. He loves it and it is super cozy! I’ll finish the second sweater and he and Simon can fight over them.

It will be back to the drawing board for something for Isaac.

By the way, Xan tried it on straight off the needles and then wore it to the park. ha!

Dsc 0013Xandersweaterweb

sweet baby knits

Kristin made Lotus this sweet sweater. It’s still a little big but I started putting it on her as an extra cover for outings. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I had to snap a pic on our way back into the house.

I can’t wait for a photo shoot of her wearing it at six months when she can sit up and it is a perfect fit.

She is also sporting another one of the hats from my favorite baby hat pattern, “the gift wrap bonnet.” The same one she wore to the beach. I love it! It stays on and looks adorable.

Dsc 0010Web-18

baby swing

We were at Target and a baby swing jumped into our cart! We lasted 6 weeks…that’s pretty good, right?

Dsc 0001Swingweb

Dsc 0002Swingweb

I have to sneak in a pic of Isaac since he seems to elude the camera these days, which is the complete opposite of Xander who demands photos be taken of him and his creations, and Simon who just squeezes himself into photos regardless.

Isaac: my 9 year old, still a kid. He loaded pillows and a blanket into a laundry basket so he could watch TV from it. Yep, still a kid:) I love it!

Dsc 0004Web-32

Random stuff you needed to know

Xander created his own puzzle and I thought it was pretty cool. It only took me a minute or so to complete because I’m awesome like that.

Dsc 0007Web-23

“I have a imaginary frand”

Dsc 0005Bweb-1

Friend Katy hooked me up with a stash of the next sized clothes for Lotus and included this adorable baby hat. Such a girly girl. ha!

Dsc 0008Web-18

Dsc 0014Web-14

Weekend at the beach

After passing around the sickies for a week, we needed some fresh air and to get out of town for a couple days.

Jason and I took the kids to Canon Beach and stayed at “our” hotel…the hotel we stayed at when Jason took me to the beach for the weekend he proposed to me. It’s a great place right on the beach, with a nice pool. We found out this time around that it is also very kid-friendly!

Free movie rentals with popcorn brought to our room and a turn down service that includes treats found on the beds like sand toys and mini beach balls for the pool.

It was very relaxing and just what we needed!

Oh and by the way…it was warm enough for just a fleece and no hat. What can I say? I’m one of *those* moms.

Dsc 0004Web-31

Dsc 0010Web-17

Dsc 0042Web-7

Playing in the sea foam.

Dsc 0078Web-1

Dsc 0072Web-2

Dsc 0067Web-1

Dsc 0069Web-2

Dsc 0014Web-13

Dsc 0047Web-3

Dsc 0031Web-9

Dsc 0017Web-15

The sun was out and we loved lounging on the hotel deck!

Dsc 0049Web-4

Dsc 0059Web-2

Dsc 0051Web-3

Dsc 0080Web

Dsc 0097Web

Dsc 0127Web

The tub was enormous!

Dsc 0121Web

We had to get up early to catch haystack rock during low tide. It was foggy goodness!

Dsc 0136Web

Dsc 0135Web

Our life…

I was trying to spend a few minutes on the computer. The actual computer and not the iPod, so I could catch up the finances.

Lotus was placed, asleep, down on the floor on a blanket.

Maybe a full minute after, I look over to see this…

Dsc 0001Web-21

15 seconds later she realizes her situation and lets me know it is NOT okay with her!

30 seconds after picking her up she is asleep again.

Babies are so smart! They know where it’s cozy. Now if I could just type with one hand.


Back to my iPod…

Lotus is 1 month old

We hit the one month mark and the baby acne is in full force, along with the start of some random adorable baby smiles.

Dsc 0002Web-19

Dsc 0008Web-17

This is her nest on the couch, made up of two pillows and blankets. We decided to try not buying a single piece of baby equipment and see how it goes. I was curious to see what item we cave and buy first after she’s here. So far we haven’t bought anything, although a baby swing did slip into my mind momentarily.

It’s, of course, exhausting to hold a baby all day and night but between Jason and I (and Isaac too!) and a few winks on the baby nest, we are managing it.

Dsc 0011Web-17

Dsc 0014Web-12

She seems to approve!

Dsc 0017Web-14


We had an amazing turn out of friends and family for our New baby and Xander’s birthday celebration! I think our house reached more than maximum capacity. haha!

Simon and Lotus chilling on the couch, waiting for guests to arrive…

Dsc 0001Web-20

My brother and sis-in-law, Aaron and Samantha brought their awesome popcorn popper. It was a huge hit! Not only tasted yummy but fun to watch the fresh popcorn spill out of the popper.

Dsc 0004Web-30

Xander and Lotus were showered with generosity. Look at all the friends! Being the craft man he is, Xander HAD to make himself a party hat for the occasion. Here he is with his hat on, opening gifts…

Dsc 0020Web-7

Cake time! Lotus had a pink cake with flowers (bottom of the pic)…

Dsc 0030Web-8

And Kelly surprised us with one of her amazing creations. We actually ended up with four cakes, much of it eaten!

Dsc 0009Web-18

I tell everyone Kelly makes it look so easy making baby girls, since she has five girls and one boy, and it took us four tries. Here we are with our baby girls, Lotus and Sarah:)…

Dsc 0040Web

The products of our last synchronized pregnancies: Hannah and Simon, looking cute as ever!

Dsc 0042Web-6

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing everyone! Thank you all so much for coming. We love you!