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Days three and four of 30 days of biking

Yesterday the kids and I took a long walk and watched a little bit of the track meet near-by. I ended up taking just a quick ride around our neighborhood loop, in the dark, to get my cycling in.

This evening we all cruised to the grocery store. I love biking as a family!

It does take some time to get all four bikes locked up properly.


Photos of our niece Macie

I was asked to take pics of the baby and unfortunately, I have not done anything in the form of professional or even wannabe professional photos in a long time. My computer is not calibrated, I have no grey card, etc, etc. Just a few pics were all I could muster. She sure is a sweetie, alert and relaxed the entire time.

Dsc 0010Macie040313Web-1
Dsc 0014Macie040313Web
Dsc 0012Macie040313Web
Dsc 0003Macie040313Web
Dsc 0018Macie040313Web

Bike shopping

Lotus and I rode over to the bike store and ordered yet another bike. It’s getting to be a sickness! I don’t really have a bike just for me, for when I take solo trips. I’ve been using Jason’s bike and it is way too big for me (hello, bar to the groin when I stopped too short. Ouch!). A craigslist purchase didn’t pan out so I opted for new <sigh>.

I want a comfort bike with a nice low step-through frame. Getting on and off the Yuba Mundo is tough but I manage it for the ease of transporting multiple kids and cargo. When I take off on my own, I want the bike to be just my size, comfortable and inviting. I can’t wait!

A stop at the park to climb and run around…
Lotus decided walking is more fun.
Back onboard for the rest of the way home…

30 Days of Biking


Get ready for a lot of bike posts! I pledged to ride every day this month.

We did a grocery run for just a few things. Xander got a new bell and a cargo basket-the basket is an Ikea basket from a coffee table we no longer have. We just zip-tied it on and it works great! He was able to haul one of the grocery bags for me.



My brother Chris got to try out the clown car. He makes it look so easy in flip flops!



Gross food

The kids love icky Red Robin. At least the ride there was healthy.

Lotus is asleep, still holding on to the roll bar…
Red Robin should consider getting a bike rack. We made do with the bench out front…

New Shute Park

The new Shute Park is open for play. As soon as we heard, we zoomed over on our bikes. It’s so nice to not have to worry about parking. We pull right up, front and center.

*AND* happy, happy news: Xander is doing so much better with his new bike. He’s comfortable, happy and speedy too. So, if you have a kid who is having trouble, even if you bought him a fancy, expensive bike, you might want to try a different style. Now I can cruise with just the two kids and it feels great.
We lucked out and some friends happened to be there at the same time.

Isaac was there too but he prefers not to have his picture taken these days. I has the sads-hopefully it won’t last long.

New Niece, Macie

My brother Casey and his wife Aundi have a new baby! Her name is Macie and she’s 7 pounds of cuteness. Congratulations guys!



Creative freedom

Since the kids do a self directed type of homeschooling we’ve always made sure everything is accessible-craft supplies in bins at their level, books available, their own computer to use, games in the closet.

I’ve always been amazed by the spontaneous crafting. This is what’s happening at 9pm on a Tuesday night.


While they were working at the table I was busy in the kitchen making bread and a deliciously moist applesauce cake. Yum! What a fun, productive evening.


before and after

Not a lot of time needs to pass between the before and after…and then again to the before. Waaah!

Dsc 0032Mess0313Web
Dsc 0035Mess0313Web
All better…
Dsc 0042Clean0313Web
Dsc 0045Clean0313Web
Even Luke is cleaned up with a fresh hair-do.
Dsc 0046Cleanluke0313Web

Xander’s New Cruiser

We picked up an Electra cruiser style single speed for Xander off Craig’s List today-wide saddle, wide tires and an easy upright position. Hopefully this will help him feel more secure and able to relax on a bike. We just need to get him a basket to haul his stuff in.

Both he and Isaac agree it is a fun ride!