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High School Reunion

Not as many people as I expected attended the ten year. It was kind of like a wedding reception. Faces looked familiar, but names forgotten and conversation a bit awkward.
RD took the digital and we came home to find three pictures had been taken. The only one of me is my back, getting my “drink on” at the bar.
IMG_2760 (Large).JPG
Thankfully my two girlfriends were with me, Barbra (left) and Jennifer (right).
IMG_2761 (Large).JPG

Just Like Old Times

Friday is my Ten year high school reunion. After I graduated, I stayed close to three friends…which has dwindled down to two friends over the last few years. Maybe the reunion will remedy this?
Its funny how different high school friends can relate to eachother from new “adult” friends; meaning the ones I’ve met in playgroups, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Without concern for boundaries, high school friends can be “balls-out” and I love that.
From the few emails we’ve sent about the upcoming event, I can tell it is going to be good times.

Hey ladies,
Are you guys interested in getting together before the reunion? Since its just hors devours maybe we should go for dinner and get a few drinks beforehand.

Hey Jen!
Shit! I need to call and make sure I can pay at the door, or something. I found my invite.
I’d love to get together before. What are you guys going to wear? I did some shopping today. Since I’m *still* on the chunky side, I bought some black slacks, heels, a black shell/tank…but I need to get a top. I have to work Wednesday, so I’ll hit the mall on Thursday.
It sucks having no dressy clothes. I’m still in a jeans rut (aka who wants to buy fat clothes??).

You haven’t paid for the fucking hors devours. I can’t fucking believe it. I was sure that the invitations said something about a buffet. Something about beef. Sooo fucking pissed about that. Caroline hasn’t paid yet, either. She will probably still be doing the same thing. I went out today to look for somethings to wear with no luck. I really like the tweed skirts, but not for a party.
I’d love to get a new pair of slacks, but there is no time for hemming. My schedule is booked solid. Oh well. I’ll see what I can scrounge together from my closet. Hopefully some of my nicer, non-work attire fits. I’ll see you on Friday. Are you bringing Jason?

Woah! Calm the fuck down! I got an email saying nobody will be turned away from the door. We can pay cash when we get there, for a “non-dinner ticket.” Its a much cheaper ticket, and who enjoys the buffet shit all that much anyway. I still get to snicker at all the people who “haven’t changed a bit.” If you know what the fuck I mean.
Did I manage to use the “F” word as much as you? Fuck, Fuck Fuckity fucking peice of fuck head, fucker. Here’s a few more, just in case.
A friend from work is going to try hemming my pants today. And, Yes, I am bringing Jason. Of course I’m bringing Jason.

I think you ladies have covered the *f* word nicely. Tehehe.
I bought a new dress that Alissa has assured me is reunion-appropriate.
I’m driving down Friday and should get into town around 2. Then, I want to go get my nails done and get ready. I’d love to go out for dinner. Should we meet somewhere in Hillsboro. I can’t remember what time the shindig starts. I also can’t remember where Merriwether golf course is. Zoe do you have any restaurant suggestions? Barbra: do you think you and Caroline will be able to make it out there in time for dinner?
Hi Jason — glad you’re coming.

I posted our emails on Royal Mom:) I hope that’s okay.. I just love you guys!

First Day Of School

Royal Dad and I made sure we both had the day off work today, to send Isaac into his first day of class together. Isaac was very excited to wear his new back-pack! He met his teacher, Heather, at the door. He’s met with her four times already, so it was nice to be so familiar already.
IMG_2695.JPGwants to go again. Yeah!!!
On our way out, RD glimpsed a Praying Mantis on the edge of the sidewalk and took some great photos. The little critter looks spooky in the series of shots…his head turns and looks at the camera with its tiny eyes.
Xander sits on the step out side the school. Another three years and he can go too!

A Trip To The Carni Today!

We decided to drive down to the state fair and spend the day looking at animals, daring some rides, and (our personal favorite) people watching! Hubby and I were heading into the craft hall and discussing a disturbing outfit we saw a hugely, pregnant woman wearing, when we both overheard another couple’s conversation about a “HUGE” goiter they saw.
If you’re wondering what the preggo and the goiter were talking about, I overheard them in the livestock pavilion discussing, with hand gestures, just how large a bull’s testicles were. People are so weird.
We also decided to make the most of our hour-and-a-half drive south and visit Royal Dad’s mother, who has disappeared from our lives for the past three years. Let’s just say the visit did not go well, and some shocking realizations were made. But I’ll save that for another post, and focus on the fair for now.
Some snapshots of the fair:
Isaac and I walking through the pavilion…the pigs are always a lot scarier than I imagine they’d be.
Carved fruit.
Isaac and I on the swings. They have a smaller version for kids.
Royal Dad and Isaac in the wacky mirror fun house thing.
Xander seemed to enjoy this one. Finally, something he’s big enough to do!

Montessori Preschool Starts Next Week!

Isaac is a whopping three years old and gets to start prechool next Friday (the 10th). He will be in a class with 13 kids, ranging in ages three to six, four days a week…8:45am to 11:30am. The classroom is *beautiful*! We’ve had a couple preview visits, and last week was the open house. Isaac met some other students and did some activities.
The pink tower in the back, is one of Isaac’s activities. He put the blocks away! 🙂
Royal Dad sits in a chair with Xander.

The Funk Is Over

The newest excitement, to hit the Royal family, is a renewed interest in the 1970 VW Bug project. The car has been out of commission for the last four years, in the torn-down-ready-to-rebuild mode, collecting dust. One of my fantasies has been to get it put together, with a beautiful new interior, and take the family for a fun trip to the beach in it….or, anywhere as long as it’s drivable.
Royal Dad was receptive to my “gentle” nudge, and has been actively finishing it! It now has a gorgeous new carpet, new seats and door panels. The windows are all tinted and in good working order. The car is lowered and all the lights work. The only thing left is a bit of primer and a few details (albeit, the details themselves could take years!).
The first photo was taken two years ago, when the new headliner was being installed. The car was pretty much gutted down to its metal frame. No windows. No nothing.
Now it looks like this, with all the windows in and the new carpet and seats! The front hood will be primered now, and painted later. I’m just so happy to be able to play with my old toy again.
Soon, people. We will be cruising in our pimped out ride, and the envy of the entire town…mmmuuwahhhhhaaaahaha!
Xander, at six months, thinks food is a fun thing to play with. But when it comes to actually eating it, that’s a big fat “NO WAY!”
Isaac would like to discuss the latest hot topic of same-sex marriage and why it should be legal, to allow for marriage rights for everyone. He thinks to deny gay and lesbian couples the same legal rights allowed to heterosexual couples is reminiscent of rights denied to blacks and other minorities, not too long ago.
Isaac, I agree with you whole-heartedly, but now is not the time to discuss this. I asked you to CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!!!!

Random This And That Post

The last month has been consumed with knitting, until my sweater for Xander was finally finished. It turned out well, after a few bouts of cursing, ripping back work, and crawling to the yarn store for some “urgent care.” It looks like it will last through the next winter…and maybe the winter after next. So, I am pleased. In fact, after a little knitting respite I might start up a sweater for Isaac too.
I have been asked several times if I am making one for each of the boys. It seems I’ll be a poor excuse for a mother if I don’t keep the knitting love equal! So, next winter, both boys will be wrapped snug in my knitted love.
The onset of summer, has renewed our interest in home improvements. Royal Dad built a nice bamboo fence in the backyard. One more gate, at the side of the house, and we can leave the dog outside, without constant supervision. If we had the fence a couple years ago, maybe Isaac’s first sentence would not have been, “Luke! Come here! Shit!” as he mimicked me calling the dog back inside.
The boys both had their pictures taken, in matching outfits. The photographer used an all black backdrop, so they look like a couple floating heads. Makes me wonder why I went to all the trouble to match their clothes, and do the last minute drool/dirt inspection!
One last thing: As promised, I’d like to show-and-tell RDs first knitting project. This toy ball, is great for the baby to chew on, and get wet with drool. Now he’s working on a wool teddy bear.

Knitting Is Not Just For Old Ladies

In my reading section, I mentioned buying the book Stitch ‘N Bitch and my plans to start up the craft of knitting. Now I have two books, several sets of various sizes and styles of knitting needles, yarn needles, stitch markers, stitch holders, crochet hook, yarn, yarn and more yarn.
I’ve knitted up a few things and now I am obsessed with knitting. The pride from a completed project is euphoric! I’ve actually roped Royal Dad into trying it out, and now we are both hooked on the wool. I am making booties, hats and now a sweater is in the works. RD has knitted up coasters and is working on a soft toy ball for the kids.
Here are some photos of my creations…
Wonky hat: not so good…but learning
A little hat for my baby’s big bald head!
As soon as RD is done with his awesome project, I’ll post a photo. So, stay tuned, because I KNOW you want to see it.
“What else is new,” you say?
We all flew to New Jersey to watch RD’s sister walk down the aisle. We got our groove on at the reception, and I got to witness the sweetest combover I have ever seen IN REAL LIFE.
In fact, it was so entrancing it was all I could talk about. I HAD to get close to it, inspect it from every angle. Needing to know who he was, the groom explained his connection to the family and his *twenty* year relationship with the combover. Wow, twenty years! I thought I could sense a kind of confidence, in that do, only achieved with many years of experience.
Oh yeah, Baby, of course I took pictures!
Okay, I should include at least a couple legitimate wedding photos. Here’s the Bridal Party. My sweet little guy was the ring bearer.
And, I thought this one was pretty of RD’s sister. She looks so much like my hubby, I have to be careful…too much wedding champagne and I might start nibbling on the wrong neck!

Royal Dad, My Super Hero

Royal Dad has left to work in the “real” office today, two hours away. Normally he is in his home office available for me to annoy him on occasion. When he takes his lunch hour, I plop fussy baby into his arms and race around doing the things I couldn’t do otherwise. No such convenience today.
Honestly, the “Royal” part of Royal Mom is a joke, but Royal Dad is genuine. He is truly amazing, both as a dad and a husband. Just dealing with two children all day overwhelms me, but RD works all day and then does more…a lot more. He races around cleaning up the clutter, cleans the kitchen, does a load of laundry and makes dinner.
During the day, he takes a break from work and runs out for a soda and always asks if I’d like anything. Even though I’d rather have the nonfat iced mocha from the coffee shop, instead of the 7-11 brew, he is happy to make the extra stop for me.
If the baby is fussing, as he often does, RD is the master baby calmer. During the middle of the night, if baby is still fussing a lot for me, Royal Dad comes to my rescue and magically calms him to sleep on the couch.
I tell him “I love you,” a million times a day, and a million times a day I hear those three precious words echo back to me. I love you babe. You are my rock.

CAUTION: Hungry And Dangerous

Third day back on the post-baby diet. I’m hungry, but it does feel good to get back on track. I decided to forget about exercise (as in Curves) and just focus on the diet for now. Once the over-stretched, hungry beast that is my stomach shrinks a bit, maybe I can integrate some cardio.
A friend gave us a bunch of children’s books. I was so excited to find an I Spy in the stack, giddy over the prospect of my son and I hunkering over it, finding hidden objects together. What was supposed to be a cuddly, learning moment, turned into a psycho mom moment. I became so obsessed with my inability to find an object, a pencil to be exact, that I started pulling the book closer to my own face and moving my son out of the way.
As my frustration grew, I was no longer reading with my son, but cursing over my inability to conquer this children’s book. My son’s little voice was saying, “I think its time to turn the page, Mommy,” but I barely noticed. I found that damn pencil, finally, but realized Mommy better do a little I Spy studying before sharing it with her son.
By the way, if you’re interested, the pencil is standing on its end next to the tower of blocks to the back right of the page. I think you can see the pink eraser fairly well…ha ha “fairly well” ha ha ha $#%$%…