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Its scary how quickly the loving, positive parenting can be tossed aside by screaming, impatient, tired Mom. This is what happens when a parenting style is chosen, rather than handed down from previous generations.
My Love Nugget flew off to Kentucky, and I am left with a screaming toddler and an antagonizing four year old.
I’m doing pretty good until about 7:00pm, when they are both running in different directions, and I am screaming, for the umpteenth time, for Isaac to get his naked butt into his room and get pajamas on. Then I notice Xander has taken his diaper off, and is also running around naked.
…Okay, okay…I also got a little screetchy at the dinner table, when Xander was flicking his food with his fork. Days like this, I feel like a terrible mother who is raising a couple of hooligans. And why the hell am I even considering foster parenting?????
I need my co-pilot back home! 🙁
Saw this on another blog, and this is just scary! I’m a little bummed I am so easily tagged with stereotypes, LOL.

You Are Likely a Second Born

At your darkest moments, you feel inadequate.
At work and school. you do best when you’re evaluating.
When you love someone, you offer them constructive criticism.
In friendship, you tend to give a lot of feedback – positive and negative.
Your ideal careers are: accounting, banking, art, carpentry, decorating, teaching, and writing novels.
You will leave your mark on the world with art and creative projects.
The Birth Order Predictor

We Are Moving!

Even in this crazy real estate market, it only took us a couple days to find another home, with a decent price tag. Yippee!

I mentioned a desire to try foster parenting, to Jason, and he said he might consider it if we had a bigger home. A few calls later, and voila! A four bedroom split-level, with a HUGE yard.

It needs a TON of cleaning, fresh paint and fixtures, before we can move in. So that will be a few weeks yet.

To see more photos of the inside, and follow our progress, check out our Flickr album.

Dsc 3378

Here’s a couple shots of the back yard. The kids are going to have lots of room to explore.

Dsc 3318

Dsc 3338

Jason: The Main Attraction

Hi! I would like to formally introduce *the* hottest guy, this side of the web. His big guns are amazing and his kissy lippies…mmmmm!!! That’s right, he’s my hubbin’, Jason.

Somehow his beautiful mug totally missed my last post. I was doing a series of me, all my siblings and our folks. Unfortunately, the only shots of us together were out of focus. So here he is! J-dogg, Bubbles, Bubs, Bubblicious, Babe, J-man and Beef Butt.

Dsc 2901

Super Dad

Dsc 3039

Dsc 3041

“Oh yeah!” So cool in his new Transformers (Megatron) club shirt, in support of our four year old’s current passion.

Dsc 3167

I love you, Buttmunch!

A Wedding In The Family!

My little bro, Casey married his girlfriend of five years this weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony. Good opportunity to capture our family.

Bride and groom: Casey and Aundi

Dsc 3021-1

Mom and dad

Dsc 2985


Dsc 3096

Me with Xan, and Aaron

Dsc 3044

Aaron and Sam

Dsc 3018

Omi and two Aaron

Dsc 3036

The littles: Ivan, Oscar, Eli, Xander, Issac

Dsc 3137

Isaac in his tux

Dsc 2991

Isaac and Olivia

Dsc 2975

Happy Fourth Of July!

We had a busy day, starting with the 5k CAT Walk. It was a fundraiser for cancer awareness and treatment. Our second time participating, and we all had fun. Xander rode on my back, and Isaac kicked back in the jogger.

Dsc 2769

Dsc 2772

A little breakfast before the walk started. Everyone got white tee shirts, but the cancer survivors wore yellow. It was sad to see all the children participating, with yellow shirts. I mean great that they are survivors, but sad to think of what they, and their families, have gone through.

I walk in memory of my Grandpa Patrick, who died of cancer a few years ago, and my Grandma Mildred who died of cancer before I was born.

Dsc 2774

The kids got to play in a huge, bouncing dinosaur.

Dsc 2779

Then we went to watch the local parade. I was quite impressed with a new gay pride entry, advertising a support system for gay youth and young adults. Quite progressive for our little town!

Dsc 2789

Holly, and my three nephews were there. They were very good about helping Isaac score some candy! Thanks guys!

Dsc 2790

My brother Casey, and the little flower girl-to-be, Olivia.

Dsc 2794

The bride-to-be, Aundi, with Miss Olivia.

Dsc 2803

Aundi’s sister Darcy, and Beau.

Dsc 2808

Our beloved daycare provider (and friend) AnnMarie

Dsc 2809

The nephews: Ivan

Dsc 2824

Eli and Oscar. Oscar was having a little trouble smiling, so Eli was helping him out.

Dsc 2829

Xander enjoyed a snow cone, which he soon after squeezed out of the cup and onto the ground.

Dsc 2846

My Drag Son

We’ve had to shuffle a bunch of stuff around, during our ceiling re-texture, and an old wig from my club days surfaced. I used to love to compete with the drag queens, and see how hot I could look in my couture get-up. Jason came out wearing it, and scared Xander to tears. Isaac was a good sport and let me snap some photos. He sure does look like his mama, when you throw on some long hair! Ha ha.

Dsc 2729

Dsc 2732

Dsc 2733

Dsc 2745

Dsc 2749

This thing is itchy on my head! And, we’re done.

Something About Summer…

…That motivates me to get projects completed. I’ve finally gotten serious about losing the last of my “post-partum” weight, and am down to the last 15 pounds. Remember, I gained a whopping 80 pounds (zoiks!). It feels great to be back into a lot of my skinny clothes.

As much as I hated the wheat germ and tofu lifestyle that was forced on me as a child, a renewed interest has ignited. I’ve picked up the book:

Its about the “fourteen foods that will change your life.” Lowering health risks, providing energy, etc. By the way, the fourteen foods are:

Beans, blueberries, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkin, salmon, soy, spinach, tea (green or black), tomatoes, turkey, walnuts, and yogurt.

I really love most of these foods, but now I will be more vigilant about incorporating them into my daily intake. The kids and hubby are loving the blueberry, soy smoothies too. 🙂

Summer has motivated us to finish all of the other ignored projects around the house (see my last post for a list!). John Moe is doing an awesome job patching up our soon-to-be-beautiful new ceilings, and Jason will be replacing the last of the interior doors.

Dsc 1799

We are looking forward to Casey and Aundi’s wedding in a couple weeks. Isaac will serve as ringbearer for the second time in his little life. At four years old he should do a pretty good job, I think.

We are still wondering how to enjoy the ceremony without Xander screaming his head off. He’s good at making his presence known in a quiet moment.

Dsc 2225

Dsc 2211

So Many Projects So little Time

Our home has become a trail of unfinished projects. If you read Royal Dad’s latest entry, you’ll see that we have started another home improvement: the patio-that-will-soon-be-a-deck project.

Hopefully it won’t get added to the list of things to finish:

1. Popcorn Ceiling removal, with one room left and ALL rooms with bare drywall for a ceiling.
2. Replacing all the interior doors, half completed.
3. the VW Bug in the garage, waiting completion.
4. The HUGE pile of bark on our driveway, waiting to be spread.
5. The kitchen floor, where all the baseboard has been pulled but that’s about it. 🙂

Our intentions are greater than two small children and jobs will allow, me thinks.

How did this room get so messy????? Too many toys, and only one bin to throw them all…

Dsc 2112

Dsc 2093

Dsc 2141

We had a lovely hike on Saturday, and finished with a stroll through the Rose Garden…

Dsc 1944

Dsc 1967

Dsc 1961

I’m hoping to have a lot of outings this summer. Isaac’s been asking to go camping for the last three weeks. Soon, little man.

Whew! I’m back.

I got the new Mac Mini a while back, and have not set up a new blog posting program until now. Well, Royal Dad had to set it up for me, so that had a little to do with it.

Isaac just turned four! I can tell already, four is going to be a great year. He is becoming a little man, with great conversation and intelligent ideas. Lets test out inserting a photo now….

Dsc 1551

Hmmm, that seemed a lot easier than the old system, until it showed up rotated. Blech! Lets try a few more.

Here is our new car!

Dsc 0762
We bought a 1966 Plymouth Fury, and it is one sweet cruiser, Baby.

Okay, moving on to to the family: Here is a better shot of Isaac in all his four year old glory. At the pool…

Dsc 0584

At the restaurant…

Dsc 0838

Xander (16 months now)

Dsc 1347

Dsc 0718

Can’t leave out my big honey…

Dsc 0695

He’s going for the intellectual look with some false teeth. 🙂 I love him…teeth and all! ha ha ha…

Okay, let’s give this a try. If all posts well, you can look forward to more activity on!

Times Have Changed

Reminiscing through some old photos, I found this great one of me and my cousin Tracy. She came to visit the West Coast from her New Jersey home, when we were both about 22 or 23 years old. I tried to show her how “cool” we are over here, by overwhelming her with clubs every night and hosting a “Pimp and Ho” party.

She’s blonde and I’m not. She lives on the East Coast, and I on the West, but we are actually quite alike and spend every minute of our time together laughing so hard. The kind of laughing that brings up tears.
Now we are both married, we enjoy discussions of home improvements, over dates. 🙂 She has a nine moth old baby girl, Olivia. And I have my two boys.

Here we are at the start of her LONG induction last April; she is showing off her nine month baby belly, and I am clutching my three month post-partum fat roll. A little different than the fish-nets and garters, eh?

Img 1819

Now her little girl is quite a beauty!


And our baby’s are only three months apart!


I can’t leave out my big boy, Isaac…


If only we could get together more often. I love you, Cousin!