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Gummies, take three

That escalated quickly! I made some beef pho gummies from the broth I’ve been neglecting in the freezer. I accidently over salted that batch but thought maybe it’d be okay for a gummy. Still too salty! But it might be okay for a snack on my hike tomorrow. 

I’ll pack a baggie of all three for a super strange trailmix. 

By the way, spending all day babysitting Vietnamese beef pho, only to end up ruining it with too much salt is indeed a tragedy. So many ingedients, so many steps, so many hours. Tragedy!

Homemade Gummies, Take Two

The kids were eager to try another recipe and happy to swipe all of the mandarin oranges (and one blood orange) from the fruit rack. These gummies were made with orange juice, honey and the beef gelatin. Much better!

The floor is an exceptable food prep surface, right?

Homemade Gummies

The kids made homemade gummy candies. It was our first try and the process was fun, the little robots turned out super cute but the ingredients will need tweaking for next time.

These were made with only three ingredients: lemon juice, blueberries and grass-fed beef gelatin. Too healthy! The sugar was definitely missed and we’ll be adding it in next time.

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Family Ride

It’s quite an ordeal when the whole family goes for a bike ride. Five bikes and a kid trailer loaded onto our minivan…


Pizza for Breakfast

We made pizza the other night and tried a new variation with zucchini, eggplant, broccoli and goat cheese on a whole wheat crust. Yum!

Isaac adding anchovies to his and having it for breakfast cracked me up. Just like his mama. We learned about “supertasters” on a show, who are people extremely sensitive to food flavors. Not us! We like a party of flavors to wake up our dead tastebuds. Jason, Simon and sometimes Xander are a little more sensitive to strong flavors. Actually Xander, Simon and Lotus are all still developing their tastebuds, so it’s hard to tell.

It will be interesting to see how each of us responds to the Japanese food choices during our upcoming trip. We are excited to see and taste new things!

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Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Lotus and I met up with the tween group for a little hike at Cooper Mt Nature Park. None of my kids who are closer to qualifying as a tween wanted to go. Boo!

My little bitty…
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0220151038A Resizedlotushike22015Web
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Snapped by a friend: Me and my girl. Love!
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Also on the phone cam: Me and Mama selfie out for breakfast. 😀
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Slow Hike Club Outing

Another fantastic Slow Hike Club outing…
Only Simon wanted to go. It was special Mommy-Simmy time.

egg nog and nephews

The kids have each been given a night of the week to make dinner (with help) and it has given them a lot more confidence in the kitchen. It has also made them realize the only thing standing between them and delicious treats is their ability to make it, if the parents aren’t interested in the job. The kids learned about “mug cakes” in the microwave and it was a flurry of activity in the kitchen and microwave beeps.

Xander had a craving for eggnog. Eight of our precious egg yolks later…

0214152230 Resizedxandereggnogweb
I licked the spoon and it is yummy, and I don’t even like eggnog. Store bought is a thing of the past for this family!
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Also on the phone camera, some cousin time with Icen and Rune. Love!
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Rainy Day Games

We joined up with other homeschoolers for an afternoon at Rainy Day Games. It’s a game store that also provides tables and store samples of all the games to play. A fun time was had by all and they each ended up finding buddies to team up with.

Feed the Kitty…
0203151119D Resizedrainydaygames4Web
Penguin Pile Up. This was Lotus’ favorite!
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Luke is 15

10pm and I just realized today is Luke’s 15th birthday. Our first baby, who has been through the glorious days of extra food offerings from each kid through their toddler years.

He’s got some odd little lumps, cataracts and total hearing loss but still springs like a puppy when it’s time to go outside. We love you, Luke!

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