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One Of The Joys Of Being A Foster Parent

…is the chance of “company” stopping by any day. The typical pattern has been for a social worker, certifier, or legal assistant to make an appointment for next week. On the day of the appointment, I get a call asking if we can change the appointment time from 1:30 to 5:00pm. This has happened three times now.

This last time was no different, except at 5:00 NO ONE SHOWED UP!!! Or even called.

Of course, the next day, just as I lay down for a nap, the phone rings and the appointment must be squeezed in today. Just to make sure I’m not wasting my time, waiting all day, I asked her to come over as soon as possible and get it over with.

Now the good part…She wanted to see the rest of my bedrooms, not just the living
room. Yeah, that’s right, clothes all over the place, bed unmade, drawers hanging out. The real, I’m-barely-having-time-to-get-myself-dressed look.

And while I’m quickly trying to re-close the bedroom door, I smash two small fingers of my two year old. While I’m attending to the two small fingers, Michael pulls down one of the oak dining room chairs, practically on top of himself. Now imagine all of this with very loud crying.

House messy
Kids being harmed
Unsafe environment, with dangerous chairs.

I begged her to please make a note of all this! I am probably totally unfit as a parent.

Unfortunately she tried to reassure me that she’s seen a lot of homes and we “are doing really good here.” So, I guess it wasn’t the guilt-free out I was hoping for.





One, Two, Three…




Dsc 4010-1



Bubs and Bitty Bubs

Dsc 3893Small

The Black Hole

Is it possible for an 18 month old to be emotionally eating? This guy eats an incredible amount of food, and asks for more all day long.

Here he is tonight, after eating 14 cheese-stuffed tortellonis with tomato sauce, and a side of pineapple chunks. After cleaning him up and letting him down from the highchair, he’ll run off to play for about five minutes before coming back to cruise the table for scraps.

Img 3978 Copy
I gave him a graham cracker in the car one day, and now, as soon as the car dar is opened to get in, he starts saying “cookie? cookie?? Hungy!”

Isaac’s Mad Photog Skills

We dragged out the old Canon A70, currently known as “Isaac’s camera,” and found it full of his talent.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Owen’s Pixels, a collection of photographs taken by an amazing five year old, but here we have Isaac’s portfolio shots. Talent baby!







His attention to composition, light and emotion is impeccable! And only four years old…oh well, maybe not quite like Owen’s collection, LOL.

Lets Do The Time Warp AGAIN!!!!

Holy carp! We took the kids to Skate World tonight, and it never ceases to amaze me. Walking through the door is like walking back in time. The carpet, the lights, THE MUSIC…nothing has changed.

In lieu of replacing the carpet, red duct tape is holding down the seams. Firehouse was blaring overhead, and a small handful of people were showing off their mad skills. I wish I could have gotten more footage…but here is the shizznit, in all its glory.



Isaac has finally decided to add in his two cents at the grocery store. Last week we came home with Popsicle brand Scribblers, upon his request. I usually buy the all fruit, natural bars…but I was attracted to the smaller size of the scribblers, so what the hay…

(only photo I could find…sorry about the small size)

Treats Fun 05

These popsicles have the darkest pigment of color I have ever seen in a popsicle. This dye is serious! As a result, we have had the some interesting blue and green diaper changes. Xander’s butt is actually stained blue!

Jason thinks we should eat one, just for the experiment. Eww, those popsicles do not look good.

More Harsh Lessons

Today was supposed to be Michael’s first visit with his mom.

Last night I packed up his diaper bag with the usual stuff, plus healthy snacks… a banana, some granola bars and an insulated sippy cup, to insure a cold drink for the two plus hours he would be gone. (He is still drinking apple juice at times, since that is what he is used to).

I also started a journal, similar to a baby book, to keep his mom updated on his activities, his appointments and to keep photos in. I imagined her reading through it, enjoying the pictures and feeling a little reassurance in that he is getting good care while she takes care of her issues.

Maybe it was a bit self serving, trying to alleviate my own guilt. If I could make her feel good about me as a foster parent, maybe I will feel less guilty about “stealing” her son; less guilty about playing “mommy?”

When I was told, this morning, that his mom called to say “no visit today,” I was crushed. And I’m not sure if it was because of my own issue I just mentioned, or because it is unbelievably hurtful to her own son (even though he has no idea, yet, what she has done).

But, mostly I feel sad for her. An addiction. So strong it is going to strip her of all her freedom and all that she could have loved. She could still turn around, though.

My Iz Man

My four and a half year old philosopher: Today he asked me why everything starts over, just like the ocean. I had talked to him about the water cycle a while back…how it starts in the ocean, evaporates, condenses, precipitates and flows back to the ocean, where it starts all over again.

He has been remembering Christmas last year, and preparing for Christmas this year, and so his little mind is realizing how much of life repeats itself. The seasons, the holidays, the traditions.

He also makes profound statements, I wonder why I hadn’t thought of myself…like, “I wish bugs would learn to smash themselves.” ha!

Dsc 2352 Copy-1

Sup Wit It, Ladies?

Lately, at the dinner table, Xander is propping his foot up on the table. He cracks me up all the time, making up his own baby “jokes.” Jason and I definitely have some “white knuckle sobriety” going on, when that foot pops up. But I ruined it the first time, when I couldn’t contain the laughter.

Dsc 3871Sm

Dsc 3869Sm

Dsc 3872Sm-1