Royal Mom allows for the personal babble of Zoe Bergeman of Hillsboro Oregon.
I grew up in Hillsboro with a family of seven. Three brothers, one sister, a mom and a dad in middle class suburbia. My upbringing involved public schools, a dose of the Baptist doctrine each Sunday, and your basic patriarchal household philosophy: do as a say, not as I do; kids are to be seen and not heard clichÈ.
After high school, I moved to Walla Walla to obtain my nursing degree at Walla Walla College. I then returned to Portland Oregon to start my so-called grown up life. A girlfriend and I shared an uptown apartment that overlooked the city, and I rattled around in a ’70 VW Bug.
Good times, people.
The money was good and the bills were minimal. I was living it up, experimenting with all the things that come with turning 21: clubs, bars, alcohol and others I won’t mention.
The “good times” came to an end when a wild night out turned into a positive pregnancy test and a lot of unhappy family.
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
I met my husband, Jason, while I was 8 weeks pregnant. When I lost the baby at five months, Jason was my tower of support and became the man I wanted to marry. We married November 2000, and now have three boys: Isaac (2001), Xander (2004) and Simon (2007).
Attempting to define my (our) spirituality, we attended a Christian community church a few times. I did call myself a generic Christian for a while but have since boiled it down to these two thoughts:

  • If it is loving it is good.
  • If it is not loving it is not good.

This means as parents we have never let our children “cry it out” or spanked them.
In our struggles to figure out what it takes to maintain this “keep it loving” philosophy we discovered “Unschooling.” It seems at first glance to be a type of homeschooling choice but really it defines a way of interacting with your children (and spouse!) with such respect and unconditional love, nothing but good can result.
With the kids not in school and lots of free time on our hands, the blog is filled with whatever the adventure or activity of the day is, or my hobbies.
And that’s us in a nutshell!