Long time no post

What’s up with us? We had a lazy summer and my garden sucked.

We jumped on the “whole food, plant based” diet trend, which is basically vegan but without oreos. I signed up for the meal planning service at Cleanfooddirtygirl.com for some variety and we end up eating things like this BBQ tofu hoagie thing…

We have been making a lot of bread! I’ve been making regular yeast bread forever but recently got into sourdough. Jason is managing the starter and we have both had a successful bake. So good!

First loaf, kinda flat but phenomenal taste!

This multigrain seeded bread is going to be on the regular. It tastes good and lasted the longest without mold.

Jason’s first try poofed up right away!

Oh and sourdough proofs in these special proofing baskets to hold the shape. I was so proud of my bread,,I had Jason take a photo of me with it. Haha!

2 Responses to “Long time no post”

  1. Mom Z Says:

    Hahaha, that avacado shirt is sooo cute! And whoa tha is some really good bread!

  2. Zoe Bergeman Says:

    Had to give some to the neighbor because it is too good. So good I can’t stop eating it.

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