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Heeley City Farm in Sheffield, England

For our first full day in the UK, Kinsey took us to a local city animal park and lunch with her mom.

Trip to England and Paris

Originally, I was going to use some accumulated air miles to take a solo trip to visit a friend in the U.K, but flights were so cheap through Iceland I was able to add on two more!

Xander, Simon and I planned our adventure together. Isaac actually did not want to go(!!??), so deciding who would go wasn’t too difficult. Poor Lotus wanted to go but her travel stamina would be problematic for a single parent trip. 🙁 She is sad and we will plan a make-up adventure for just the two of us. Jason had just transferred to a new job, so the three of them stayed home for some quiet fun of their own.

Our first week was spent in Sheffield, staying with my friend Kinsey from school, and her 7yo son Oscar.

Grumpy faces because we were sat against the bathroom wall and could not recline, but not really grumpy…

Xander’s photo of the snowy peaks as we flew into Iceland…

Doctor Who filming took place right in front of her building and the tardis lands in the spot we are standing. I’m looking forward to spotting it in season 11!

We slept by a floor to ceiling window view of the city and enjoyed watching the traffic and lights below.

Simon turns 11

Simon had a nice day at home for his 11th birthday. A requested donut run, and then he got a new and improved duvet, gummie assortment package and a mini drone that has been buzzing around the house.