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Planters with Grandma

A fun planter project with Grandma. Good idea, mom!

Isaac is 16

Isaac hit the big 16! He picked up his driver’s license, we had pie with Grandma and then went to the movies. 

This guy is sailing through the teen years and making it look easy!

Patti Austin concert

Timing was on my side when I decided to browse for symphony tickets! Patti Austin’s name showed up and she is synonymous with my childhood memories of road trip tunes. Quincy Jones, The Dude, played on repeat? Yes, please!

Her boogie woogie disco tunes would have been amazing but her concert was a symphony-backed tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, whom I also love. Win-win!

Jason had a work thing come up and my mama was able to go in his place. We had great seats and a fabulous time!

Drum lesson fiasco

I think I’ve mentioned it here before- Lotus wanted to learn drums so we bought an inexpensive set and signed her up for lessons. She has changed her mind a couple times and we have recently tried a different teacher who comes to our home (hooray!)

Unfortunately, she is already changing her mind, which is an unusual situation for me to have a kid ask for the same thing and keep quitting. My guess is she is craving a new skill but the drums are not the right fit. 

Simon is interested in taking over the home drum lessons, and seems to be a natural for it. Maybe we’ll try piano for Lotus. 

And, just because the photo is on my phone…

Isaac looking handsome at lunch after his violin lesson. 

Simon turns 10

Simon hits the big 1.0. and had a great day! 

Jason and I bum rushed him in his bed this morning with balloons and gifts and he jolted up saying, “I completely forgot it was finally my birthday!”

He worked on a puzzle with rollerblades on: place a few pieces, then skate three laps through the kitchen-dining room-living room. Shall we call it Extreme Puzzling? 

Ice cream cake and bacon burgers were the dinner choice…

Teendom and music lessons

My teens…I still can’t believe we have one, let alone TWO! 

I’ve heard the phrase “little kids have little problems, big kids have big problems” but so far, we are sailing along, enjoying life (I’d knock on wood here, if I were the superstitious type). 

Isaac is still progressing with his recent foray into violin lessons and it looks like it might stick! Xander is still progressing with guitar. Their hairstyles seem to have met at a similar crossroad too. Ha!

By the way, I was musing to Isaac how impressed I am that he and Xander have both transitioned from no music history to playing and sight reading with, what looks to me, very little effort. His reasoning: VIDEO GAME SKILLS! 


The kids at their computers…

This and that

Lipstick plant in bloom…

After a year of reprieve, Jason had two more seizures, three weeks apart. The second one left him bleeding on his office floor with a deep gash in his face, from hitting a piece of furniture. 

He had to be stitched up in Urgent Care, appointments with two different neurologists, start a second seizure medication, and is waiting for an ambulatory EEG to be done. The ambulatory EEG involves a trip to OHSU to get all the sensors adhered to his scalp, then home again to somehow manage to carry on with his daily activities with it on for two days. Wheeeeeee!

Jason and I joined the local march to encourage Hillsboro to protect our immigrants…

Simon joined me for two protest marches in Portland: inauguration night and the Women’s March on the following day. 

I don’t know if they do any good but it helps to know there are others out there who put people before greed or religious ideology. I hope this movement can grow and organise to support our most vulnerable with positive results. 

The big historical picture shows two steps forward, one step back. It feels like two steps back is underway. 🙁

Portland police wasted no time coming out in swat gear and using crowd control weapons and intimidation for the Friday night march. 

The next day, the Women’s March had paid a big fee for an organized march. Women were taking photos with police officers in pink hats. So the moral of the story is: pay the police and be predominantly white women and you can exercise your right to protest in our “democracy” without police brutality. 

Maybe if more white women joined the Black Lives Matter movement people would see them as they are: a movement to highlight and improve the most vulnerable economic group of people in our country. It blows my mind to see the difference. Brown people march: “they are a hate group!” white women march: smiling photos with cops. 

On another note…

The kids and I enjoyed a little cousin time with baby Lux. He is ridiculously chill…and adorable. 

These two clowns were propped up on me, looking like they were trying to tell me something. Hungry, perhaps?

Kevin keeps getting pimples on his jowels, poor guy. Stainless steel bowls are supposed to help, which he already has. Another explanation is puberty. Ha! So much puberty in this house. 

Happy New Year!

Did I forget to say happy new year? We’ve been enjoying the woodstove and cancelled activities through the snow days.

Simon and Lotus making dog treats…

Jason feeling sore and resting on the couch after having his first seizure in over a year. The more time that passes, the more hopeful we become the epilepsy will disappear as quickly as it appeared. 

Xander has been spending a lot of time working on the Sting song, Fields of Gold. He’s getting better and loving his new classical style guitar!

Xander turns 13

Xander turns 13 today! We now have two teens in the family. We *heart* teenland. 

We got him a new classical style guitar and he is loving it!