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Solar eclipse

Running in and out to check eclipse progress, enjoying the eeriness of the changing ambience and shadows, and watching news coverage of crowds coming together was a lot of fun! Let’s do this again soon! 😉

Epilepsy study at OHSU

Jason had his first seizure, seemingly out of nowhere, when he was 43. He continued to have big seizures 1-2 times per year and mini-seizures often, for the last four years (he’s almost 47 now). Prescriptions have not controlled them and diagnostic tests have provided no insight. 

This week, he did a five day inpatient stay at the OHSU epilepsy research unit and had his medications cut severely while under EEG and video surveillance. 

He ended up having five seizure events, in various levels of severity, and it was confirmed the problem is coming from the left temporal lobe. He was sent home with higher doses of meds and, if his mini seizures don’t subside, they’ll discuss a different prescription and/or a neuropacer (scary!).

Jason also recently got a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and has to cut down salt severely. I hope that’s it for a while!

Playing a game of Headbandz, to fill some of the time.

The kids and I had a fun dinner at Le Bistro Montage, just a couple exits down from the hospital. We hadn’t been in a long time and the food is still great and they love the leftovers wrapped in aluminum animal shapes. 

His itchy head is so happy to be unwrapped and he is going home!

Lotus does theater camp

My shy, quiet talker, Lotus, has been talking about acting in a play since she was five and finally got some theater experience. 

Five full days of friends, games and stage fun ended with a play. She did great and had so much fun! She wants to participate again next year, for sure. 

She was frustrated by the lack of clocks in the theater so we had to buy a watch.