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Drum lesson fiasco

I think I’ve mentioned it here before- Lotus wanted to learn drums so we bought an inexpensive set and signed her up for lessons. She has changed her mind a couple times and we have recently tried a different teacher who comes to our home (hooray!)

Unfortunately, she is already changing her mind, which is an unusual situation for me to have a kid ask for the same thing and keep quitting. My guess is she is craving a new skill but the drums are not the right fit. 

Simon is interested in taking over the home drum lessons, and seems to be a natural for it. Maybe we’ll try piano for Lotus. 

And, just because the photo is on my phone…

Isaac looking handsome at lunch after his violin lesson. 

Simon turns 10

Simon hits the big 1.0. and had a great day! 

Jason and I bum rushed him in his bed this morning with balloons and gifts and he jolted up saying, “I completely forgot it was finally my birthday!”

He worked on a puzzle with rollerblades on: place a few pieces, then skate three laps through the kitchen-dining room-living room. Shall we call it Extreme Puzzling? 

Ice cream cake and bacon burgers were the dinner choice…