Teendom and music lessons

My teens…I still can’t believe we have one, let alone TWO! 

I’ve heard the phrase “little kids have little problems, big kids have big problems” but so far, we are sailing along, enjoying life (I’d knock on wood here, if I were the superstitious type). 

Isaac is still progressing with his recent foray into violin lessons and it looks like it might stick! Xander is still progressing with guitar. Their hairstyles seem to have met at a similar crossroad too. Ha!

By the way, I was musing to Isaac how impressed I am that he and Xander have both transitioned from no music history to playing and sight reading with, what looks to me, very little effort. His reasoning: VIDEO GAME SKILLS! 

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  1. Grandma Z Says:

    You have terrific teenagers! ❤ and fantastic 6 & 10 year olds! 😘 And hugs to gramma’s little family!

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