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Lotus turns 7

Christmas happenings

The tree is up, we hit up the Christmas village at Alpenrose Dairy, and Grandma brought over a gingerbread house kit. 


Gary Numan Concert

Jason, Isaac and I had quite the adventure getting to the concert venu with catching the wrong train and rainy weather.
But it was a fantastic show!

Halloween shenanigans

Jason and I dressed up as “a couple attending an ugly sweater christmas party” 

Party with Isaac’s friends ✔

Pumpkin carving ✔

ToTing and pizza with the Lakes ✔

Pumpkin Patch 

We are a 100% introvert household and with that comes days on end of staying in and focussing on personal projects. After a couple weeks of colds and staying in (okay, and a couple months before that) I get cabin fever and miss seeing friends. 

Friends were meeting up at the pumpkin patch and I wanted to join, making the kids go. Mean mom! 

All three boys made me pay for it with sullen faces, but after a boat ride, a train ride, a corn maze, Pet Shop Boys jamming in the car, FroYo, and halloween prep shopping, they came home bubbling with joy from a good time. 

So, I don’t know what to think. My suspicion is that my introvert kids just need a push out the door sometimes. Now, if I could find a way to do it without the angst. 

Oh, and I wore my Where’s Waldo costume. Can you find Waldo in the corn maze? 

Depeche Mode Concert

Jason and I took the teens to a Depeche Mode concert and we all had such a great time! A concert of a lifetime for me. The opening band, Warpaint, was so good too. 

Legend of Zelda Symphony

Isaac, Xander and I had a nice evening out for sushi and symphony. What a treat it is to have teenagers in my life! We spend our time discussing the food, the show, and life instead of how to behave in public. Ha!

Isaac was big time into the Legend of Zelda video games and this symphony production did not disappoint! It had video clips of scenes from the game, comments from the game creator, a full orchestra with two harpists, and a choir playing the soundtrack. The music was beautiful and the conductor’s enthusiasm was infectious. 

Solar eclipse

Running in and out to check eclipse progress, enjoying the eeriness of the changing ambience and shadows, and watching news coverage of crowds coming together was a lot of fun! Let’s do this again soon! 😉