Summer Happenings part two. 

At a friend’s birthday celebration: playing in the trough pool and kicking back around the fire. 

About three days before the Cycle Oregon Joy ride, which is a women’s only organized and supported bike ride in wine country, I discovered I had won a free registration based on this photo contest submission:

The photo contest happened months prior and I had forgotten all about it, until the win notice was discovered buried in the hidden message folders on Facebook. 

I hadn’t ridden my bike much at all but damned if I was going to let a free registration go unused! 38 miles with hills and a touch of rain. My body was pretty much done by mile 25, but I got ‘er done. 

Later that same day was the Prince Vs Bowie ride in Portland. It was tough getting back on the bike seat, but a lot of fun!

Jason and I joined friends Barbra and Chris and we all dressed for team Prince.

Barbra’s cool flask made me realize just how flaskless I live. The ride was filled with music, costumes, drinking and a lot of cannabis in the air. Ha! A party on wheels. 

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