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Summer Happenings part four. 

Jason’s softball team got second place this season. Not too shabby!

We took Kevin to the Hillsboro Tuesday Market for some socializing and discovered a dog parade and costume contest. Kevin wore a dolphin costume and got a lot of attention. “Look at the shark pug!” ha!

Simon loves his Kevin snuggles and Kevin loves his Simon snuggles. 

Xander and Grandma are matchy matchy…

We rode the max to see a zoo concert: English Beat and the B-52s. 

Ranking Roger from English Beat snuck in behind me to watch B-52s sing Love Shack. I noticed and he let me snap a photo. What a groupie I am!

Summer Happenings part three

Although way out of practice for the old club scene, I managed to pull myself together for dancing with DJ Kier from Deee Lite. 

Jason bought a 3D printer kit and put it all together. Now we have a little robot printer that builds toys and tools for us. 

Xander started and planted a zucchini garden. We have been getting a nice bounty!

Simon started and planted a corn garden (4×4 raised bed). We’ve had to be patient for the corn but it is almost harvest time. 

Independence day (freedom from Britain, while we enslave and murder natives on a stolen land. Hotdog, anyone?)

Local parade…

BBQ at a friend’s house. 

Summer Happenings part two. 

At a friend’s birthday celebration: playing in the trough pool and kicking back around the fire. 

About three days before the Cycle Oregon Joy ride, which is a women’s only organized and supported bike ride in wine country, I discovered I had won a free registration based on this photo contest submission:

The photo contest happened months prior and I had forgotten all about it, until the win notice was discovered buried in the hidden message folders on Facebook. 

I hadn’t ridden my bike much at all but damned if I was going to let a free registration go unused! 38 miles with hills and a touch of rain. My body was pretty much done by mile 25, but I got ‘er done. 

Later that same day was the Prince Vs Bowie ride in Portland. It was tough getting back on the bike seat, but a lot of fun!

Jason and I joined friends Barbra and Chris and we all dressed for team Prince.

Barbra’s cool flask made me realize just how flaskless I live. The ride was filled with music, costumes, drinking and a lot of cannabis in the air. Ha! A party on wheels. 

New Nephew Lux

I’m late to posting! My sister and her husband welcomed their third son, baby Lux, about 8 weeks ago. He’s super adorable, no surprise. 

Bringing you up to date…8 weeks, smiling and ridiculously cute. 

Isaac turns 15

Isaac celebrated his 15th birthday and got his driving permit!

Birthday breakfast with friends. 

I felt so nervous watching him take his test! He rocked it out and now will spend three days a week in driver’s ed. 

Summer happenings part one

When my kids start telling me I need to update my blog, I guess it’s time! Haha! 

The three littles got the painting bug and Simon used his Squishables plushies as models. 

Lotus had her first visit to Enchanted Forest and LOVED IT, as we all do. They’ve added some nice additions. 

Lotus and I killed some time at the Grotto and felt like a couple of imposters. 

The boys tried out a Vive virtual reality game at a friend’s house and have been wishing we had one of our own.