Oregon is giving us the teaser week of sunshine and it has flooded me with energy and happy! I know it will come crashing down when the rain, cold and grey returns next week, but in the meantime…check out my gorgeous backyard!

We’ve done some weeding, mowing, cleaned off the deck and patio set, and Xander planted some zucchini seeds. I’m planning on four little square gardens this year, so each of the kids will get a chance to start some seeds. Fingers crossed I can do better than past attempt!

Our trampoline is even getting a makeover. The spring cover pad is so worn it is coming apart in big flakes of plastic sheets. Ick!

Puppy training is going about as expected: terrible. Ha! So many poops and pees in the house. 

My sister has us trying this play pen method, using sod, to teach him grass is the only appropriate potty surface. We were supposed to place a little turd on the grass to get him started. He immediately stepped in the turd and spread poop everywhere and all over his bed. 

He always goes on the floor, between the sod and the bed. Jason and I grabbed the Windex to clean it up…then read the ammonia cleaner is basically adding to the marking scent. We are such noobs. 

  The photo is after we first set it up and have since opened it up into a little bigger size. Sad little Kevin in his doggy jail. 

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  1. mom Z Says:

    I agree, when the sunshine brightens up the day and the leaves and blossoms are appearing, it is wonderful! I’m excited about your squash garden, good idea!

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