Happy New Year!

It was a fantastic year, aside from Jason’s three seizures, totaling the car, my dog dying and my dad dying…it was a fantastic year!

We went to Japan, we celebrated my 40th birthday at Great Wolf lodge, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at the beach and I took an amazing bike tour vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

We snapped a photo yesterday of Jason and I securing our margarita fixin’s to ring in the new year. It was Isaac’s first time in a liquor store and he was feeling his kidness in a grown up world.


It is official, I have forgotten how to operate a camera. We took the nicer point and shoot camera to the park and all kinds of blown highlights (white areas with no pixels) turned up in auto mode, even zoomed in on faces.


Yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast today. The kids asked if we could have these every week, like we used to have donut day. These puppies are way too tedious to make on the regular…though, I have felt that way about many tasks that later become routine, so never say never.


Happy new year, everyone!

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