Lotus is Five

Lotus turned five today and we had a great time checking off her wishlist.

The day started early with a trip to Portland’s Northwest Children’s Theater to see their production of Shrek. It was fantastic! Voodoo donuts were had and then home to play with some new toys.

Finally, I put together the dirt/worm cake she requested. Easy peasy. Five little candles were poked in and she was not having anything quite so boring. She wanted a large number 5 instead, but, seeing how we only had a one, a three and a zero, she declared the zero was the one.


She wished for a new dog.


2 Responses to “Lotus is Five”

  1. Barbra Says:

    Happy birthday, Lotus! Is she getting the new dog? We just got a dog yesterday. Lifestyle change, for sure.

  2. mom Z Says:

    Lovely little 5yr old sweetie. If a wormy cake can be called “good looking” then that sure is a good looking wormy cake!

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