Testing out a post from the phone

Testing out a post from my phone with a glut of food pics.

For personal amusement and curiosity, I took photos of the kids’ food for a day. Simon and Lotus still aren’t friends with vegetables but aren’t exactly living on just cereal and bread with Nutella…but close. 😉

Photo Collage Maker_YIlFmt













Photo Collage Maker_lgPwv1

Simon says, “Soup for dinner and the cereal is gone? I’m not hungry.”

Photo Collage Maker_cbZsL7













My little garden harvest so far…



PS posting from the phone is not easy, but an option. Yay for travel blogging!

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  1. mom Z Says:

    Fun idea to post what the kids are eating…the older two eat pretty healthy. I did laugh when I saw the bowls of Lucky Charms for dinner! You do provide good stuff for them. Ad….I did not remember that you planted zucchini , that one is nice!

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