Goodbye to our friend Luke

Our little dog friend, Luke, had his sleepy time medicine today and we are sad but it went really well.

Lots of snuggles this morning…
15.5 years my little buddy.

After my early morning bike ride, I picked the wild blackberries on the trail and took them home to make pie ahead of time.

The euthanasia was done at home with the whole family gathered around close on the living room floor. Then we took his body out into the backyard for the burial. We plan on placing a nice grave marker over the spot later.

Everyone had a piece of pie to celebrate his life and that was that. The kids are sad but I think having them involved in every step of the process helped a lot. We’ll miss you, buddy!


3 Responses to “Goodbye to our friend Luke”

  1. Omi Says:

    Luke was one lucky pup. Not many dogs get the luxury of living with their family from puppyhood, to a full fledged senior of 15 years! He knew he was loved, but we will miss him! I’ll miss his happy dance when it was time to go outside……every time it was time to go outside! Lol

  2. Zoe Says:

    I was a bawling mess when I got off work today. He was always sleeping on my bedroom floor when I came in to change out of my work clothes. He was so happy to see me and followed me around, I’d give him lots of love. I didn’t realize how special that routine was until it wasn’t there today. My little guy. 🙁

  3. mom Z Says:

    If there was love, then it hurts when the one loved is gone…but Luke was loved! Sorry you lost a little buddie, Zoe.

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