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Testing out a post from the phone

Testing out a post from my phone with a glut of food pics.

For personal amusement and curiosity, I took photos of the kids’ food for a day. Simon and Lotus still aren’t friends with vegetables but aren’t exactly living on just cereal and bread with Nutella…but close. 😉

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Simon says, “Soup for dinner and the cereal is gone? I’m not hungry.”

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My little garden harvest so far…



PS posting from the phone is not easy, but an option. Yay for travel blogging!

Goodbye to our friend Luke

Our little dog friend, Luke, had his sleepy time medicine today and we are sad but it went really well.

Lots of snuggles this morning…
15.5 years my little buddy.

After my early morning bike ride, I picked the wild blackberries on the trail and took them home to make pie ahead of time.

The euthanasia was done at home with the whole family gathered around close on the living room floor. Then we took his body out into the backyard for the burial. We plan on placing a nice grave marker over the spot later.

Everyone had a piece of pie to celebrate his life and that was that. The kids are sad but I think having them involved in every step of the process helped a lot. We’ll miss you, buddy!


Summer Happenings

Time to clear some of the photos on my phone. It’s sad the camera stays home now, but phone cameras are getting better and better.

We’ve added some hooks to get the guitars up on the wall and this spot has become a nice music “room.”

Xander has taken to guitar amazingly well and it is quickly becoming a passion. He gravitates to it first thing in the morning and practices multiple times a day. He also figured out how to play the same songs on the piano. Woot!
Img 20150627 230048Musicweb
I’ve signed up for a bike tour in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in September. It’s going to be eight glorious days of vacation for me, myself and I…and all the other ladies on the tour. I will have my own hotel room each night, I’ll get great cycling exercise and I’ll get to see Yellowstone for the first time. I am stoked!

The longest cycling day is 50 miles and the most I’ve ridden is 30, so I have a bit of training to do. I’m supposed to do two shorter rides and one longer ride per week, building up in time. Xander and Simon joined me for an 11 mile ride. I love seeing my little guys ride…
We tried out disc golf for the first time. It was a lot of fun!
Mom wanted a mother-daughter selfie at the restaurant. Birthday breakfast for my mama! Ugh, my hair. I am so close to cutting it.