Japan Trip Days 8-10

The next few days were all about walking around Shibuya and the food!

Isaac really wanted to find a sushi place. On day 8, I took Isaac and Xander with me to do just that, while Jason hung out with the little guys. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure where to go and we ended up back at the first restaurant we ate at on day 1.

We had ramen and potstickers. I discovered the ramen tantan or ramtan, which has a red chili oil and a bit of a kick. Delicious!

The next day we found the sushi place, Uobei, tucked down a narrow side street. It has a digital ordering system (Genki) and the food comes zooming up on a delivery train. The kids (and Jason and I) absolutely loved it! It was so much fun. We went three times!

The kids each sat at their own station and ordered what and as much as they wanted. The prices were super low at only a dollar per plate. I know they loved the autonomy and the food was good too.


They even had junk food choices: cheesy fries, cheeseburger sushi and ice cream sundaes.

Our last meal before leaving our apartment was at the ramen place again. For some reason they didn’t bring silverware for the kids like they had been and Lotus and Simon worked on their chopstick skills.

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  1. mom Z Says:

    Such nice photos to remember your exotic trip….love the video of Lotus using chop sticks!

  2. Liz V. Says:

    My kids would LOVE that sushi place! How cool is that?

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