Japan Trip Days 5-7

Day 5 was a down day. I woke up with a headache so we hung at home, took naps and relaxed.

Day 6 was another trip to the Sunshine City mall and the Aquarium.


We had lunch at Agio and this is how we wait for our table: a line of chairs outside the restaurant.
Most restaurants have a display of their menu selections like this…

Looking up “best places for ice cream around the world,” someone’s list included a place at this very mall. We all got these fancy crepe cones with character shaped ice cream.

There were several ice cream and food shops inside the section of the mall called NamJaTown. Inside, kids were racing around doing a magic quest game, much like we’ve played at Great Wolf Lodge. Too bad we don’t know Japanese, or we could have played! Instead we just got ice cream.


Day 7, we woke up bright and early for a bike tour.

The original plan was for Isaac and Xander to ride their own bikes, Simon ride a trailer bike behind Jason and Lotus would ride in a trailer behind me. As we got started, there were immediate issues. Both Xander and Simon were unhappy with their bike situations. The bike tour company was fabulously patient with us while we worked out two trials before settling on both Simon and Lotus together in the trailer (heavy!) and Xander behind Jason on the trailer bike (also heavy!).

We were not the only people on the tour and the two tour guides split up to accommodate us through a few less hilly detours. At one point I had the kids get out of the trailer and walk so we could get up the initial slope of a bridge crossing. It was an excellent workout and turned out to be an amazing part of our trip, despite the initial struggle.
A break at the top of a bridge to enjoy the view and some ice cream puffs.
A shinto shrine gate…
Simon tries out the hand washing technique, to pay respect at the shrine.
The giant Tokyo fish market…

Picnic lunch by the river. They had fresh, raw tuna from the market for us to sample. so good!
A wedding couple was posed for photos…
Next, we rolled our bikes onto the ferry for a boat ride back across the river…
We drank homemade ginger ale. Ginger ale and green melon soda is popular in Japan.

We saw a few Shinto shrines and one Buddhist temple. The guide gave us a little history and explanation on the difference and how the two religions are incorporated into Japanese life today.

These baby statues each represent a loss due to miscarriage or stillbirth. The little handmade hats were particularly sweet.
The “stairs of promotion.” There is a story that gave it that name. Now people climb the stairs of promotion when they want to get into that university or get that great job.
The kids enjoyed feeding the koi…

A Buddhist Temple gate (much larger)…
The Imperial Palace…

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  1. mom Z Says:

    Beautiful! The news showed some of the cherry trees in bloom now in Japan…..so many tourists there now for this that all hotel rooms are booked.

  2. Liz V. Says:

    What an amazing series of events!!

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