Japan Trip Day 3 and 4

We went to the giant mall In Ikebukuru: Sunshine City.


They had a concert for the J-pop girl group Country Girls. Crowds on every level were watching and by this point fans were lined up for a meet and greet.

The boys were super excited for the Pokemon Center. They each brought their DS’s and were constantly getting new “street pass” friends, as we walked through crowds of others also carrying DS’s. It kinda became an obsession. Ha! They could only get 10 new friends at a time before having to approve them and make room for 10 more. So they were constantly checking and approving.

They bought DS carrying cases at the Pokemon Center and it was perfect for also carrying their Pasmo cards for the subway. They were able to swipe their case instead of having to dig their cards out each time.

Also, little trinkets/jewelry to hang off DS’s and phones are popular here. They are sold everywhere and we each got a few.

Arcades are alive and well in Japan. This seven floor Sega Arcade was quite impressive. The lower floors are all, what I call “kiddie gambling,” with the claw machines and dozers. The upper floors are more serious gamers and fewer kids.

We had pastries for dinner from Vie De France at the subway station. The kids wanted to try everything, and I think they did by the time we moved to our next place.


Day 4, we figured out the laundry machine and made a trek into Shinjuku, Tokyo for the show at Robot Restaurant. We did not have use of our phones and the online reservation wasn’t working out. I emailed one of the hosts for our Airbnb apartment and he called and made reservations for us. What an awesome guy! Not only did we get the last minute tickets for the showtime we wanted, but we also got front row seats.

No dryers in Japan…

What is that peeking over the building top? Godzilla??

Why yes, it is! The kids loved it.

Robot Restaurant is hard to miss…

The waiting room for drinks…

Jason and I had two Moscow Mules and were feeling fine…

Soothing music…

Ready for the show!


Simon was chosen to be part of the show and fight a robot. It pretty much made his day! Lotus said later, she was worried Simon would lose but then he won and she was so happy. heh!

This is the loot he won. I love the buxom anime…

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  1. Liz V. Says:

    Wow! That Robot Restaurant, what a place!! Love those big gloves. How cool is that?!

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