Family Trip to Japan Days 1 and 2

We are home from our trip to Japan and have many photos to sort through. It was a fantastic trip and everything went well.

At the airport, excited for our journey…
Lotus had a tiny pack of toys to keep herself entertained…
Singapore Airlines from Lax to Tokyo was a 12 hour flight, jam packed with food, snacks, drinks and movies. The kids were loving it! Lotus and I having tea…
We made it to our apartment by 10pm the next day and went to bed right away.

Our first breakfast in Tokyo. We managed to find a restaurant and point to the photo of our food choices.
We felt a bit disoriented and wanted to move past that feeling right away, so we figured out the subway and took ourselves to the Ueno Zoo. Purchasing a “Pasmo” card for the subway made life a lot easier: add a sum of money to the card and then it’s just swipe and go. The subway is clean, on time and amazingly low wait time. Another train comes every few minutes.

Shibuya crossing: a famously large intersection, with hordes of people crossing all at once.
Ueno Zoo…

I absolutely love all of the mom bikes everywhere! Child seats on the back and the front, many with electric assist. The accessories for rain and wind were attractive and fascinated me. Bike parking lots were HUGE! more on that later…

There was a long line to see this panda. Sad panda. I have sad, guilty feelings about visiting a zoo.
After the zoo, we walked down through a street market by the water. I saw this guy making some type of veggie/seafood pancake and had to try it!
Surprise mayo on top! I was not expecting that. The pancake was delicious. It’s called Okonomiyaki “make as you like” and can be made with whatever you have, mixed in with a bit of batter. Of course, I bookmarked a recipe to try at home, sans mayo.
Tucked in next to the pancake guy’s booth for eating. Isaac saw a dumplings vendor and declared it his choice. I love that he felt comfortable looking around and making a choice. The littles had hod dogs on a stick. We learned that Western junk food is everywhere. Though, when the kids got regular pancakes for breakfast they said it was not good and tasted too much like cake??

On the way home we stopped at our nearest grocery store, which was very small.
Not able to read what things are, we had to stick with what we know and guess on a few. Eggs, vegetables, fruit and milk. Jason guessed on a cold coffee.
All bread is white bread. I tried to find peanut butter and while trying to look over some mystery foods I thought might be peanut butter, it turned out I was in the baby food isle. Oops. Skippy is all I could find.
Our little apartment…

Beds one and two.
Bed three.
The kitchen, making breakfast…

I made eggs, veg and sausages every morning.

The bidet toilets are amazing! Heated seats and a warm spray to clean the tushy off. The kids were reluctant to try it at first but then they loved it. Isaac started a family joke, “Did you bidoo?” Lotus squealed with laughter and we thought it was funny to hear her starting it herself, on her own. We want one at our house now!

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  1. Liz V. Says:

    It must have been nice to have comfort, like-home food for breakfast every day!

  2. Suria Says:

    Thank you for sharing your Japan trip. May I have the link to the airbnb home that you have booked for this trip? I’m planning to being my family 2 adults with 2 young kids (6 and 3) next March. TQ

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