Simon’s Day!

Today is Simon’s 8th birthday and instead of a party we are having a family Simon’s day. Keeping it simple, yo. With several work days this week and international travel coming up, simple is what I needed and Simon was happy to oblige.

Breakfast out with Grandma, a movie at the theater and later dinner at home with a homemade cake. He’s having a great day!

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0311151119 Resizedsimonday2015Web

Simon wanted a chocolate cake with oreos on it. Homemade cake, homemade frosting with some oreos thrown on and it was a success. Woot! 

3 Responses to “Simon’s Day!”

  1. mom Z Says:

    That cake turned out great! I am all for keeping things simple and more relaxed….looks like Simon’s day was a hit !

  2. Omi Says:

    How are your kids growing up so freaking fast. It’s crazy! That little simmie. ❤️❤️❤️ Tell him happy birthday for me!

  3. Zoe Says:

    Will do. I still have Icen’s birthday card in the car, I forgot about. Thanks, mom. 🙂

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