Happy New Year!

2014’s year-end review shows an awesome snowstorm and a lot of local trips for camping, bike rides, Great Wold Lodge, the beach and Timberline. Isaac became our first teenager. Xander decided to cut his hair after four years of growing it. Simon learned to read and Lotus’ imaginative play has developed exponentially.

A couple of bumps in the road included a car accident that forced us into getting a new (old) car and Jason’s second seizure that resulted in a shiny new prescription and related adjustments. We’ve also been battling round after round of illness from November on. It’s still going! A little cold makes its rounds and then it turns into a nasty cold, then bronchitis, then a double ear infection, then another kid is throwing up in the middle of the night, then another round of headaches and sore throats. We rang in the new year with Lotus and Xander sick and hoping this will be the end of it. It’s the curse of a big family. The bug mutates and makes its way around again…and again. Blarg!

2015 should be a fantastic year! I’ve been scrimping and saving and planning for the whole family to take a trip to Japan in the spring and we are all looking forward to it. I’ve already secured the airline tickets so fingers crossed there are no issues or illnesses that get in our way.

Here we are saying “Happy New Year!!!!” Too bad I didn’t get our dog buddy Luke in the photo. His birthday is this month and he turns 15. Our first, FIRST teenager. We’ll need to do a re-do.

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  1. mom Z Says:

    Happy New Year! Love my Bergemans!

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