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Luke is 15

10pm and I just realized today is Luke’s 15th birthday. Our first baby, who has been through the glorious days of extra food offerings from each kid through their toddler years.

He’s got some odd little lumps, cataracts and total hearing loss but still springs like a puppy when it’s time to go outside. We love you, Luke!

Img 20150127 214320 Resizedsqlukebday15Web

Simon and Lotus play

This is another boring-to-others video of my kids playing. I like to capture them playing at different stages to save for my viewing pleasure later on. As you know, they grow up way too fast and all that.

Lotus has become a huge fan of Youtube videos made by “Cookie Swirl C“. She plays with Shopkins toys and creates stories around them. Lotus *had* to have some Shopkins of her own (great marketing!). We picked up a couple packages and, I have to admit, they are pretty cute. I am a fan of tiny toys that can be played with at the table. Simon is enjoying them too and they spend hours at the table together in imaginary play.

Doing stuff

Doing stuff without kids…it’s a thing?

Jason and I joined friends for a Murder Mystery dinner theater. Going out without the kids looks good on us!
Img 20150118 170409 Resizedmurdermysterydinnerweb
The three founding members of the Slow Hike Club. Okay, it was our first hike together but it’s going to be a regular thing. Maybe we should have SHC T-shirts made?

(Photo removed to protect the innocent…err, guilty?)

Isaac’s new ride

The guys on their “new” bikes…


More not being sick

We are enjoying life without illness with more outside time. Xander, Simon and I took an 11 mile bike ride on the Banks-Vernonia trail. I wanted them to see the Vernonia Lake and enjoy the flat section of trail on their “new” bikes.

Xander moved up to Isaac’s bike and Simon moved up to Xander’s bike. Isaac will have to use one of mine until I can find a good one for him off Craigs List. Everyone loves the Electra Ratrod (that Xander passed down to Simon) so I might get him the adult version of that. So cool!







coming out of hibernation

Remembering how to go outside…

0113151258B Resizedbikeridekidsweb
0113151258C Resizedbikerideweb

0113151302C Resizedbikerideparkweb

Zanzibar Pizza

I am addicted to travel shows! Netflix added the third season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and I’ve been excitedly watching the episodes. The kids noted that I seem to be able to find a new travel show as soon as I finish one. Yes, yes kids, you know me well.

Moving into the current season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, he travels to Tanzania and Zanzibar in East Africa and eats their version of pizza, grilled by a street-side food vendor. It looked yummy and easy, and uses ingredients we always have.

Can you tell I watched his Thailand and India episodes last week? It resulted in an immediate need for curry. Vietnam gave me a hankering for noodle soup.

Pics of the fried yummies. I don’t think I could make so many things from scratch if Jason didn’t help so much. I make the dough and ingredients and he rolled the dough and fried the pizzas.
0112151735E Resized11215Web

0112151734 Resized11215Web

Simon approved!
0112151734A Resized11215Web

Xander turns 11

My Xander turned 11 today and had a nice little party with friends and family.

Birthday Xander, come take a photo with me….
How dare I take a photo without Miss Lotus! Problem solved…the more the merrier, right? Now I can get a mom sandwich squish in.
Singing happy birthday…
0107151808 Resizedxandersbday172015Web
0107151836G Resizedxandersbday172015Web
0107151834 Resizedxandersbday172015Web

Curry at home

Finally success with a homemade chicken curry. Coconut milk is the key, for sure. I’ve had a couple of past attempts that focused on the seasonings but did not use coconut milk. They were not keepers and now I know why!

This was a chicken curry and a yellow jasmine rice. I also have the ingredients to make a duck curry later in the week. Yum!

Want the recipe? Look on the can of coconut milk. Ha!


Happy New Year!

2014’s year-end review shows an awesome snowstorm and a lot of local trips for camping, bike rides, Great Wold Lodge, the beach and Timberline. Isaac became our first teenager. Xander decided to cut his hair after four years of growing it. Simon learned to read and Lotus’ imaginative play has developed exponentially.

A couple of bumps in the road included a car accident that forced us into getting a new (old) car and Jason’s second seizure that resulted in a shiny new prescription and related adjustments. We’ve also been battling round after round of illness from November on. It’s still going! A little cold makes its rounds and then it turns into a nasty cold, then bronchitis, then a double ear infection, then another kid is throwing up in the middle of the night, then another round of headaches and sore throats. We rang in the new year with Lotus and Xander sick and hoping this will be the end of it. It’s the curse of a big family. The bug mutates and makes its way around again…and again. Blarg!

2015 should be a fantastic year! I’ve been scrimping and saving and planning for the whole family to take a trip to Japan in the spring and we are all looking forward to it. I’ve already secured the airline tickets so fingers crossed there are no issues or illnesses that get in our way.

Here we are saying “Happy New Year!!!!” Too bad I didn’t get our dog buddy Luke in the photo. His birthday is this month and he turns 15. Our first, FIRST teenager. We’ll need to do a re-do.