5 Minutes of Christmas Morning

Grandpa Woody and Grandma Vickie visited and brought gifts, hand knits and baked goods. I came home from work to the sounds of RC cars racing around the house and kids squealing. Thanks Woody and Vickie!

Later the RC car boxes were turned into a two level home and puppet theater.

Dsc 0073Christmas2014Web

Christmas prep involved these little stocking stuffers from Simon. He even made one for himself so his gift could be anonymous.
Dsc 0065Christmas2014Web
Christmas morning!
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I guess he’s a teenager now. The hat was a team effort: I did the knitting and Jason sewed in a liner. Go team Bergeman!
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This vintage school house came 100% complete with flashcards and all the magnetic letters and numbers. WHO ARE THESE FAMILIES THAT DON’T LOSE STUFF?????Those parents probably see a Polly Pocket shoe on the floor and don’t continue vacuuming right over it.
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3 Responses to “5 Minutes of Christmas Morning”

  1. Grandma Z Says:

    I love the little people school house, all the original little parts too! well, they all looked pleased with their gifts, very nice too, that Woody and Vickie drove all the way there to visit and add to the surprises for the kids. who got Isaac the ——-Portland shirt?

  2. Zoë Says:

    I got Isaac the shirt. It comes from The Roxy downtown. We stopped in there for cheesy fries a while back and Isaac thought it would be funny to have the shirt. I surprised him.

  3. Omi Says:

    I seriously don’t know how people keep all the parts together. I will throw something away thinking we don’t have the rest of that toy anymore….only to find it later and think, “well now I know we don’t have the rest!” Oops

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