Christmas Family Gathering

My extended family had our Christmas party tonight and a good time was had!

All of the cousins on my side of the family.
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Lotus spreads out her birthday/Christmas loot. She loves it all!
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Isaac loves his Plasma Ball. Grandma has good shopping skills!
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Xander and Simon blew up these sumo boppers immediately. Of course I had to squeeze into one and bop some kids around. Xander got a case of the green eyed monster after seeing Isaac’s wizard ball but Simon declared the bopper “best gift ever!”
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My aunt Carol got me a neck soother and Omi hooked us up with a jar of homemade apple pie moonshine. You see what I’m doing five minutes after getting home from the party? Jammies and moonshine. It really does taste like apple pie!
1216142110C Resizedfamilyparty121614Web

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