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5 Minutes of Christmas Morning

Grandpa Woody and Grandma Vickie visited and brought gifts, hand knits and baked goods. I came home from work to the sounds of RC cars racing around the house and kids squealing. Thanks Woody and Vickie!

Later the RC car boxes were turned into a two level home and puppet theater.

Dsc 0073Christmas2014Web

Christmas prep involved these little stocking stuffers from Simon. He even made one for himself so his gift could be anonymous.
Dsc 0065Christmas2014Web
Christmas morning!
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I guess he’s a teenager now. The hat was a team effort: I did the knitting and Jason sewed in a liner. Go team Bergeman!
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Dsc 0088Christmas2014Web
This vintage school house came 100% complete with flashcards and all the magnetic letters and numbers. WHO ARE THESE FAMILIES THAT DON’T LOSE STUFF?????Those parents probably see a Polly Pocket shoe on the floor and don’t continue vacuuming right over it.
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Christmas Family Gathering

My extended family had our Christmas party tonight and a good time was had!

All of the cousins on my side of the family.
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Lotus spreads out her birthday/Christmas loot. She loves it all!
1216142112D Resizedfamilyparty121614Web
Isaac loves his Plasma Ball. Grandma has good shopping skills!
1216142115B Resizedfamilyparty121614Web
Xander and Simon blew up these sumo boppers immediately. Of course I had to squeeze into one and bop some kids around. Xander got a case of the green eyed monster after seeing Isaac’s wizard ball but Simon declared the bopper “best gift ever!”
1216142113A Resizedfamilyparty121614Web
My aunt Carol got me a neck soother and Omi hooked us up with a jar of homemade apple pie moonshine. You see what I’m doing five minutes after getting home from the party? Jammies and moonshine. It really does taste like apple pie!
1216142110C Resizedfamilyparty121614Web

Lotus is Four!

Lotus is four today! She woke up to balloons and her gift on the bed and tonight we have our extended family Christmas party, so we’ll bring her cake to share. She is now watching “Grumpy Cat Christmas” for the second time. Good times!

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Dsc 0033Lotusbday121614Web
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Timberline Lodge

We signed up for this homeschooling trip to Mt Hood a while ago and Simon and I ended up being sick, poor Simon with a double ear infection. But, he still wanted to go and the room was already paid for. Simon and I mostly snoozed the evening away in the hotel room but it was still nice to see the snow and enjoy a cozy meal in the lodge restaurant.

I forgot my camera, so phone pics is the best I could do.
1201141645B Resizedtimberline1212014Web
1202141012A Resizedtimberline1212014Web
Timberline Lodge was built as part of President FDR’s New Deal back in 1936. It has wonderfully solid woodwork but updated furnishings, throw rugs and Pendleton wool blankets folded over the foot of each bed. The kids got to watch a Christmas movie in one of the community media rooms and then hear a bedtime story. Then we gazed at the piles of snow out the window and watched Lord of the Rings, thanks to a DVD that was left in the TV.
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Selfies at the diner…
1202141054 Resizedtimberline1212014Web

1202141056 Resizedtimberline1212014Web
1202141055B Resizedtimberline1212014Web
Simon had some baby teeth pulled recently and is sporting the “checkerboard” look. His tooth fairy haul that night was impressive!
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