Feeding a Family is Hard Work

Never mind the recycling mess but look at all this chopping Jason did for me! Usually once a week I have a list of food stuffs that need to get prepped: bread, a soup, roasted vegetables and maybe some type of snack/dessert.

The roasted veggies get mixed up into a serving bowl and kept in the fridge for lunches, sides and yumminess to throw into the breakfast eggs.

1019141515 Resizedchopped102014Web
1019141713 Resizedsoupandbread102014Web
This week was a buffalo chicken soup recipe. It gets divided up into canning jars so we can grab individual portions out of the fridge throughout the week.
1019141737 Resizedsoupjars102014Web
Breakfast bars” aka granola bars to eat whenever…
1019141713A Resizedgranolabars102014Web
Lately I’ve been making eight loaves of bread instead of four and stocking the freezer. Can you believe this only gives me a two week window? My family of six goes through four loaves per week. I use the amish white bread recipe but only 2 TBS of sugar and varying ratios of whole wheat to white flour…sometimes 100% whole wheat. It seems to work out alright.
1005140053 Resizedbread102014Web
This is from a couple weeks ago. The littles were rolling spring rolls for us. They like to help knead the bread dough too, my little helpers.
1006141828 Resizedspringrolls102014Web

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