Simon Woodworking

Simon first tried to make a stool with scrap wood and nails on his own. It was fun but the results were not very sturdy and, sadly, I think I thought it was a hazard and put it in the kindling box. oops! (It looked like three sticks swinging on some nails)

Jason helped him put together a sweet little step stool in the garage. It turned out great and looks nice in the bathroom…

Simon choosing the sides he wants to be seen…
Look at how proud he is! Lotus will appreciate the new hand washing stool. I think she’s the only one who needs it now and then we’ll probably move it to the kitchen.

As a side note, see the pile of cloth wipes on the counter behind him? We haven’t bought toilet paper since February and the family cloth is a complete success! Without going into details, let me just say using cloth instead of toilet paper is a luxury and I WOULD NEVER GO BACK! The homemade laundry soap kicks ass too, and gets all the wipes super clean.

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