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Great Wolf Lodge

We joined the homeschooling Great Wolf Lodge trip and the kids had a good time…

Lotus gave me a serious nod of approval for this manicure experience, especially during the arm and hand massage!

Knitting progress

Oh my goodness what a stressful week! I ended up with some post-accident anxiety and many sleepless nights but things are starting to calm down. The stiff neck and back is loosening up too! A couple of quiet days at home and knitting is in order.

I lost steam on the “my favorite things” scarf a while ago but took a progress photo. The glorious orange, longtail cargo bike is represented but now that we’re down to one child needing a ride I’ve listed it for sale on Craigs List. If you are looking for a sweet family ride, let me know!

The other photo is my start of a pullover sweater in a light fingering weight yarn. It will have three colors, a few stripes and a boatneck collar. Should be a nice layering sweater.



Wrecked up week

Another driver fell asleep and crashed into my car. Luckily no kids were in the car at the time and I only got banged up enough to be scraped, bruised and sore but not broken. But dang! The stress of needing to replace the car with something reliable enough for work, the boss needing to do a drive-along to assess MY driving and everything that goes along with it must be getting to me.

Day four of very little sleep makes one feel crazy! Don’t worry, Jason is driving the rental. We don’t need a repeat.

Here’s a pic I snapped from the tow lot. All the quarters that had flown onto the passenger seat were cleared out by the towing company(??) tacky! and just another ping to my already anxious state, wondering what else might have been taken.