Cycling with shoe clips

Jason and I took a bike ride on the trail and I finally got a chance to try out the pedal clips. Clipping in was much easier than I thought and the cycling felt wonderful!

Unclipping isn’t too difficult but the learning curve is definitely there. I clipped out fine the first few times but later when I had to stop short for traffic, down I went: crashing down on my left hip and scraped up my hand. So that’s what those cushy cycling gloves are good for! I put the gloves on and cycled unclipped for 4 miles before my confidence returned.

Lotus and I sporting our “hair is growing out head toppers.”

We tried another trailer and Jason reports it rides well…
Not long after my fall. Still smiling!
Also on the camera are my two nephs I got to snuggle recently. Little Rune let me pretty much nom on his cheek the whole time. Yay! Icen was too busy with serious play for Aunty snuggles. He and Lotus were tearing up the deck with trike races.

2 Responses to “Cycling with shoe clips”

  1. mom Z Says:

    You guys having so much fun…I love seeing your outdoor activities. Zoe, you look like such a diva with your sunglasses on. 🙂 Why do you even need clips on your feet, especially if they make you fall?

  2. Zoe Says:

    clips make the upstroke a lot more efficient and it does feel great. I plan to change out to a hybrid pedal that is flat on one side for riding without clips. That way I have it ready for distance rides but can ignore it for everything else.

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