Homemade laundry detergent

Finally! At last we have made that batch of laundry detergent I’ve been wanting to make for YEARS. We’ve not had luck with the homemade dishwasher soap and the reviews reflect that. Laundry soap has nothing but rave reviews and now that we’ve gotten past the initial hurdle of making the first batch, I doubt we’ll ever go back.

There are many, many recipes on the ‘net. Try it! Next on my to-do list is homemade soap bars and shampoo bars. I’ve been wanting to do that for years too, but actually have the supplies listed out and priced now. The initial cost is quite a bit more than laundry soap but the supplies will last for multiple batches and we’ll get a lot of soap.

(Ps..we finally removed the baby gate attachments after I noticed them in this photo. It’s funny how we can be completely blind to things in our surroundings after a while. Going from room to room and snapping a photo would help!)


Since I was walking by to get a photo of the laundry soap, I snapped a pic of my guy in his office cave…bringing home the bacon!


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