Winter blues hit again, unwarranted

I think I might be affected by seasonal affective disorder more than I realized. The Spring sun made me so happy and the realization that this is only the teaser we get every year, that will be crushed with many more days of rain and cold, got me depressed again. It’s still sunny out and I am sad just knowing it won’t last.

Actually, I’m realizing I’ve been in hermit mode ever since I gave Facebook the boot last summer. Now, instead of the limited social interactions online, I’ve reduced myself to interacting only with my family. I don’t reach out to friends and, in turn, they don’t reach out to me.

Maybe unschooling, co-sleeping, cooking from scratch, trying to be super-attentive-awesome-mom is zapping it all out of me. I do know, getting off of Facebook made the other things more do-able. Are we not allowed to be supermom *and* have a social life?? I apparently don’t have the energy for it. Ha!


5 Responses to “Winter blues hit again, unwarranted”

  1. Omi Says:

    Come play with me!!

  2. mom Z Says:

    you are not really a hermit when your focus is taking good care of your family. I Think you are amazing. 🙂

  3. mom Z Says:

    More sunshine on the way…just might be some rain in between. Come visit, and we can have tea. every day is a gift from God….when I feel glum, I focus on His promises, and all the blessings big and small in my life. It helps me anyway. Maybe you just need a soak in the hot tub!

  4. Barbra Says:


    It’s coincidental to read this right now because you’ve been in my thoughts for weeks. I miss you like crazy. I need some private contact info from you. We need to plan a get together soon.


    p.s. I have been thinking of getting off facebook, as it is creating too much of a distraction from my responsibilities; it’s not a necessity.

  5. Zoe Says:

    FB message Jason for my new cell #! It has texting too. I’ve caught up with most 10 year olds and finally got a phone. Ha! Miss you too!

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