recent knits

Isaac and Xander are taking Parkour classes and the gym is freezing! I realized I don’t have a warm, long-sleeved sweater. I’ve made myself a couple short-sleeved sweaters and given a couple to my mom and was left with one awful Christmas sweater I dared not leave the house with.

So I made myself the Wrapped Pullover out of a cozy wool. It has a decent sized pocket hiding behind the cable. Today is Parkour class day so we’ll see how much warmer I am.
I also knit up a couple more hats, one in purple and one in brown. I’m wearing the purple one here and also finally got a photo of the matching shawls I made for Lotus and I. These were finished last February! It took me almost a year to block them but once I did I’ve been using it quite a bit. The shawl is very warm for going out and acts as a nice lap blanket on the couch.

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  1. Mom Z Says:

    Love your cozy knits…I also love little Lotus holding the shawl out for the photo…adorable. 🙂

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